PIMS Designed for UK Pharmaceutical Plant

Oct. 25, 2010
Fusion PIMS Is a Zero-Footprint, Web-Based Reporting and Data Entry Tool Now Being Used by Industrial Technology Systems (ITS)
Industrial Technology Systems (ITS) has been awarded a project to implement a Plant Information Management System (PIMS) at the Brunner Mond Northwich site, in Cheshire, UK, a business originally part of the ICI Group. Brunner Mond is a supplier of Sodium Bicarbonate EP/USP to the pharmaceutical industry. The company therefore needed a reliable, robust Management Information System to link to their Emerson DeltaV process automation system, and replace the current Prism information system.The ITS Fusion PIMS product was the recommended solution, as a proven Prism/Questar replacement. Fusion PIMS is a zero-footprint, web-based reporting and data entry tool with an optional calculation engine for producing process accounting data, based on an AspenTech InfoPlus.21 database. It was specifically designed for companies with locked down desktops and is ideal for the regulated industries. Fusion provides a single repository for all operational data. Its flexible and simple interface enables users to configure screens easily and efficiently, and to identify faults quickly. Integrated with an InfoPlus.21 database, Fusion enables users to manage weekly, monthly or periodic operating reports, process loss accounting, batch information etc. Many types of data can be automatically retrieved from plant equipment, DCS systems, PLCs, or other databases, reducing the need for manual collection of data.