Show-Piece U.K. Dairy Processing Installation

Oct. 25, 2010
New Facilities Include a Automated Raw Milk Offloading, Storage and Distribution System, Low Throughput Milk Separation Plant and Other Features

Siemens and Tetra Pak CPS have supplied a major part of the plant and automation control systems for a modern teaching dairy at Reaseheath College in Cheshire, one of the U.K.'s premier agricultural training establishments.

Tetra Pak CPS now describes this new facility as a showcase for the complete range of CPS state-of-the-art automated dairy processing plant. The CPS business was started in 1885 by the Gate family, which became Unigate, and then changed its name to Wincanton Engineering, still specializing in the engineering and control of plant and processes for the dairy, food and beverage industry: it moved to the present three-acre complex in Sherborne, Dorset, U.K., in 1998. Acquired by Carlisle in 2001, the name changed to Carlisle Process Systems (CPS): after five years another acquisition led to a new name: Tetra Pak Cheese and Powder Systems—a name that failed to describe the major milk and dairy business activities, but retained the CPS brand, widely known for dairy process equipment. So now it is just called Tetra Pak CPS. 

The new facilities include a highly automated raw milk offloading, storage and distribution system, a low throughput milk separation plant and a flexible mix, pasteurization and ageing/incubation plant for processing various milk products including yogurt, custard and ice cream. Tetra Pak CPS involvement included the design and build of processing plant and specialist applications, engineering and servicing advice, all linked by project management.

Sales Manager for Tetra Pak CPS Tony Casey commented: "Our knowledge and expertise has been the foundation of this development and we have not only supported the college with guidance, materials for the build, educational tools and maintenance and equipment training but have also strengthened our relationships and position within the dairy manufacturing sector."

Siemens PLCs, HMIs and Drives
Siemens Industrial Automation also made a substantial donation to help the college, through the Siemens Cooperates with Education program (SCE). The SCE program allows educational establishments to purchase Siemens equipment at significantly reduced prices so that students can gain hands-on experience with control and process instrumentation equipment. In the case of Reaseheath College, the project was being operated on such a large scale that the SCE team worked with Siemens industry sector experts in food and beverage to ensure that the equipment was provided and installed seamlessly: it included the supply of the required control equipment such as PLCs, HMIs and standard drives.
Jim Dyke, for Siemens commented: "Our in-depth expertise and experience in providing process control solutions across the food and beverage industry meant we could add value to this enterprise and ensure the appropriate control equipment was made available for Reaseheath."