Randy Reiss’s Top 10 Broken New Year’s Resolutions

Jan. 12, 2009
These Are Greg McMillan's and Stan Weiner's Most Broken Resolutions, Maybe 2009 Will Be Different
By Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner, PE

10. Tune all of those secondary loops...oh wait, I’ve used that one every year since 1982.

9. To buy Greg’s new book.

8. To find better outlets for frustrations with management than toggling the main pressure relief valve to the reactor.

7. Parameterize that bioreactor model.

6. Stop asking that Irish guy in the boiler room to “beam me up Scotty!” as he does not get the joke and he is much bigger than you.

5. To spend quality time digesting and understanding more of Control Talk than just skipping to the cartoon and Top Ten List.

4. The main reactor is going all wireless this year, fur sure!

3. If Britney can make a comeback, then it shouldn’t be too hard to implement a standardized library of control modules that can be used across all the plants in the company to make process design more transparent. (…did anyone say Circus?)

2. To be as devoted to your (current) wife as you are to the startup of line #2.

1. If Billy Gibbons is still rocking at age 60, then I can lose 20 pounds and learn to play “Sharp Dressed Man” on the guitar by June. Rock on (old) dude!!