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Best Presentations Honored at Users Exchange

Oct. 1, 2009
Best in Track Winners Announced at Lunch Ceremony

Winners of various contests were recognized and presented with awards during a lunch ceremony at the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange in Orlando, Fla. In addition to winners of the PlantWeb Excellence Award and Wireless Innovators Awards, 10 "Best in Track" presentations were honored:

Business Operations & Business Systems Integration Track:
"On the Journey to Full MES—Phase II: The Replacement of Paper Logbooks with Electronic Logbooks Facilitated with PDA in an Existing Facility"
Presenters: Paul Brandenburg, Eli Lilly; Catherine Tabor, Emerson

System Applications Track:
"An Automated Solution for Managing Process Control Systems"
Presenter: Mark Bennett, Bayer MaterialScience

Instrumentation Applications Track:
"Instrumentation Flow: Best Practice Makes Perfect"
Presenters: Michael Bechthold and Kyle Nelson, Emerson

Valve Applications Track:
"No Surprises for ExxonMobil: Using Diagnostics to See Tomorrow, Today"
Presenters: Dan Upton, ExxonMobil; Jon Cimino, Scallon Controls; Jon Kresser, Emerson

Asset Optimization Track:
"Increased Asset Focus = Increased Asset Reliability"
Presenters: Joel Holmes, Monsanto; Steve Hagen, Emerson

Safety Instrumented Systems Track:
"Pain, Issues & Possible Remedy for Testing ‘Final Control Element' of SIF Loop"
Presenters: Shawn Clement, Motiva Enterprises-Subsidiary of Shell & Aramco; Riyaz Ali, Emerson

Project Management and Engineering Tools Track:
"Fast & Reliable Implementation of a Large DeltaV Solution"
Presenters: Jorgen Beck, NNEPharmaplan; Michael Christensen, Pronova Biocare

Control System Modernization Track
"DeviceNet & DeltaV"
Presenters: William Anderson and Randy VanSickle, Clearwater Paper

Process Optimization Track:
"Benefits Achieved Using Online Data Analytics"
Presenters: Bob Wojewodka, Lubrizol; Terry Blevins, Emerson

Wireless Track:
"Going the Extra Mile―Planning a Wireless HART Network Covering Two Square Miles"
Presenter: Steven Moore, Emerson

Individuals responsible for the best presentations, the most innovative wireless applications and a leading-edge implementation of the PlantWeb digital architecture took the stage at Thursday's Emerson Global Users Exchange awards ceremony.

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