Syncade Smart Operations Management Suite Tackles ISA 95, Level 3

Sept. 29, 2009
Emerson Process Management Unveils the Syncade Suite, Another Step Toward Realizing the Fully Intelligent Digital Plant

Emerson's Syncade Smart Operations Management Suite is the subject of several breakout sessions at the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange. The suite, billed as an "innovative replacement for the traditional client-server, program-intense manufacturing execution systems software of the past decade," is targeted directly at the wide array of difficult-to-automate, paper-based procedures described in Level 3 of the ISA/ANSI95 standard for integrating enterprise and control systems.

Syncade Smart Operations Management suite is a family of software modules that provide flexible, integrated solutions in four functional areas: resource management, operations optimization, integrated information and quality and compliance. These areas all involve planning, coordination, execution and documentation of plant-floor work activities performed by people, not machines.

"Unveiling of the Syncade Suite is another exciting step toward realizing the fully intelligent digital plant," commented Tom Snead, president of the process systems and solutions division of Emerson Process Management. "The new operations management suite integrates the process intelligence from PlantWeb architecture and makes it easy and efficient to use for optimum operational decisions."

Syncade Smart Operations Management Suite is targeted at the difficult-to-automate, paper-based procedures described in Level 3 of the ISA/ANSI95 standard for integrating enterprise and control systems.In the Smart Operations Management Suite, Emerson took a page from the playbook of such well-known companies as Fedex and Avis rental cars, which developed electronic tools for greater efficiency and fewer errors, for example, the electronic tablets on which one signs for deliveries. Syncade is such an electronic solution for operations management. It enables the efficient, correct, documented performance of manual work processes and electronically integrates the information with the rest of the enterprise.

In the area of resource management, Syncade applications address the needs for material management, equipment status management and equipment workflow and human resource requirements for training management. For operations, Syncade has applications that address the needs of workflow orchestration, order management and scheduling. In the area of quality and compliance, Syncade provides document management and lot-release-by-exception reporting.

Syncade is deployable on an individual application basis. It also can be integrated with ERP, lab information and maintenance management systems.

Today, two sessions provide more details on Syncade and how it benefits process operations. At 11:00 a.m. in the Sarasota room, you can hear how Genentech's Hillsboro Fill and Finish facility in Portland, Ore., implemented the Syncade Compliance Suite 2005 as its MES system. At 2:15 p.m. in Sun 1, you can learn about interfacing Syncade with an SAP enterprise system.