Advanced pH Measurement and Control Survey

Dec. 8, 2008
Help Control's Greg McMillan Find His Sensors with Both Hands

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey.

The first 25 participants who answer 10 or more questions in the survey and email author Greg McMillan will get a free copy of Advanced pH Measurement and Control, 3rd Edition. Your prize and any answers to any specific application problems noted on the survey will be mailed to your business address. Only ball-park guesses are needed to complete the survey, but if you don’t know the answer to some of the questions, just select the "0-1%" answer choice, or write in "Don't know."

The results of this survey will be used in McMillan’s future Control columns, where he will touch on the past, present, and future of pH measurement. The information gathered also will be used for development of the next edition of Advanced pH Measurement and Control, and a chapter in McMillan’s new book Batch and Continuous Control Loop Foundation.

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