Control reports from the ABB Automation World Conference and Exhibition

April 29, 2008
Control Provides Daily Coverage of the 2008 ABB Automation World Conference and Exhibition and Walt Boyes Blogs Live from the Meeting

Editor in chief Walt Boyes live-blogs and the editors of Control produce another of their excellent electronic show daily newsletters direct from the 2008 ABB Automation World Conference and Exhibition.

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Headlines from May 1, 2008

- ABB Extends Automation Platform, Collaboration Tools
- The Potential for Electrical and Controls Integration
- Close Cooperation Characterizes Today’s Supply Chains
- In Pursuit of Improved Operator Performance
- More than Just a Process Automation System
- An Integrated Approach to Process Control and Safety

Headlines from April 30, 2008

- Panel Seeks Ways to Attract and Retain Workforce
- Common Platform Facilitates Instrumentation Innovation
- ABB CEO Outlines Essential Global Challenges
- How to Get Started in Asset Performance Management
- Of Plugging, Poisoning and Pumping: A pH Primer
- Phosphate Analysis Added to Navigator Lineup

Headlines from April 29, 2008

- Record-Breaking Quarter Latest Evidence of ABB Success
- Innovation Requires Commitment to Collaboration
- Local Touch, Global Standards Key to Energy Project Success
- Tried and True: ABB’s Wedge, Swirl and VA Meters
- Dad, Did You Get My IM? Sincerely—Your Hardware
- ABB’s Approach to System Life-Cycle Management