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Dec. 10, 2007
By Katherine Bonfante, managing editor, digital media

2007 Most Requested Articles

We’ve checked our stats and here are the results--the top ten articles on ControlGlobal.com for the first nine months of 2007.

  1. Payback Time.
  2. Best Practices in Control System Migration.
  3. Wireless: A Field Guide to Industrial Wireless.
  4. Biomass Fuel Production Gets Sweeter. 
  5. Uncertain Safety. 
  6. The Evolution of Plant Automation. 
  7. Distillation Control and Optimization, Part 3. 
  8. Getting Employee Training Right. 
  9. The ABCs of XML - Part 3: XSLT. 
  10. The ABCs of XML, Parts 1, 2 & 3. 

New to Our PodCast Library

Tell Me the Truth
How end users can get the most value in their dealings with suppliers and sales people is the subject of Walt Boyes’ Automation Minute.

Skinny Dipping
Walt Boyes talked with Emerson’s John Berra about wireless in process automation. Berra says we need to be realistic about speed of response and compare it to what we are doing today, which in most cases is nothing.

The Convergence Zone
Walt Boyes tells you why you can’t just hide in down on the plant floor anymore. You are worth more money as automation professional.

Flare Metering with Optics: From Blue-Sky Technology to the Real World
This paper reviews the development, testing and deployment of the Photon Control Optical Flow Meter

Using Operator Interfaces to Optimize Performance of Industrial Wireless Networks
Wireless diagnostic OLE for Process Control (OPC) server technology is used to embed diagnostic information in human machine interfaces (HMIs).

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