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Power over Ethernet Usage Trends

Dec. 5, 2007
What products and equipment you would like to include PoE capability and what factors influence your decision to use or not use PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables the transmission of DC power over the same Ethernet cable that is used to transmit data to a powered device (PD). Benefits of this capability include reduced installation costs of enabled equipment by eliminating the need to pull wire for a new outlet or splice a new power drop. Deployments also become more flexible - equipment does not need to be located near an outlet and can be relocated as many times as desired. PoE also allows network managers to provide backup power to all PoE enabled devices from a centralized UPS. PoE is well known in IT circles and is starting to gain recognition in other communities.

Now that Ethernet is making inroads into the industrial space, it makes sense that the next step in the evolution of industrial communications is to add PoE capability.  This move is already underway, with some vendors offering industrial rated switches with PoE capability.  The existing IEEE standard allows up to 13 W to be available to the PD.  A newer standard, informally known as PoE Plus, which is expected to be ratified in late 2008, will increase the amount of power available to PDs to 30 W, or perhaps even 60 W.  With this higher power budget, the universe of devices that can include PoE capability is poised to expand dramatically.

The growing use of Ethernet in the industrial space and the likely ratification of a new PoE standard have prompted Venture Development Corporation, on behalf of PoE technology and equipment vendors, to investigate the needs and requirements of users and specifiers of industrial automation and control equipment.  VDC and these vendors want to know what products and equipment you would like to include PoE capability and what factors influence your decision to use or not use PoE.

Please visit http://www.surveywriter.net/in/survey/survey143/07poe_end.asp and share your thoughts. In appreciation of your participation, all respondents will receive a summary of our findings and be entered in a drawing for 1 of 5 $US 100 Amazon.com gift cards or 1 of 5 $US 100 checks.

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