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Global Energy - Solar Energy

Sept. 4, 2007
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  • Fuel Cell of the Future
    Process control will play a key role in the transition from the fossil/nuclear economy to the solar-hydrogen economy of the future.
  • Green Energy Can Stop Recession
    Storing Solar Energy for the Night
  •  Power of the Sun: Part 1
    In discussing global energy issues, CONTROL columnist Béla Lipták, PE, estimates that global warming damage will consume as much as 20% of the global GDP by 2020 even without energy wars.
  • The Energy Future—Process Control’s Role
    Find out about the “zero energy home of the future” and the hydrogen economy. What are the potentials of process control in wind, ocean wave, and geothermal energy systems.
  • The global energy future – Part 3
    Control's own Béla Lipták continues his series on the future of global energy, stating that in order to obtain maximum energy recovery, the various solar collectors described all need to track the sun.
  • Can Process Control Help Stabilize Global Warming?
    CONTROL columnist Béla Lipták, PE, continues his Lessons Learned series on Global Warming, and what the proceess control confraternity can do about predicting the timing and sizing of future events.
  • The Global Energy Future – Part 5
    Covering 10 million American homes with solar roofs would trigger the biggest economic expansion of the decade.
  • A Process Only Mankind Can Control
    Global warming, devastating hurricanes and rising ocean currents are all signs of a presently-out-of-control global heat balance that may result in colder winters and our summers permanently disappearing.
  • Why Do We Have Global Warming?
    CONTROL columnist Béla Lipták, PE, finishes his Lessons Learned series on global warming, and what the process control confraternity can do about understanding and perhaps controlling it.
  • The Third Industrial Revolution
    The transition to a solar/hydrogen economy will trigger an economic boom unseen since the Marshall Plan.
  • Can an Automation Engineer Control the Economy?
    In this month's installment of his Lessons Learned column for CONTROL magazine, columnist Béla Lipták, PE, shows what can happen when advanced process control meets economics.
  • Engineers Can Control the Economy: Part II
    In this second installment, CONTROL Columnist Béla Lipták, PE, illustrates an assumed ANN model of the U.S. economy to show what can happen when advanced process control meets economics.
  • Global Energy Strategy Begins with Control
    Process control guru and columnist Béla Lipták, PE, provides a powerful vision of our energy future and a challenge to the process control and instrumentation industry to lead the effort to solve our energy problems.
  • The Hard Road to Our Competitive Edge, Part III
    In Part III of this Lessons Learned article on recapturing our competitive edge, Béla Lipták suggests the ISA take the lead in educating the general public about the potential of process control and automation.

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