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Aug. 31, 2007
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Calibration Success Stories

Study presents in-depth customer case stories from industries such as pharmaceutical, power and energy, chemical and food and beverage. In these success stories, customers explain how they chose Beamex calibration equipment and software and what has been the outcome of using these products. All stories can be read at Beamex; 800/888-9892;

Calibration Resources

Website defines and explains all calibration terms. It goes on to link users to international groups and associations. Additional links offer new or used calibration equipment. The company offers 28 calibration lab locations located across America to certify instruments. Davis Inotek Instruments LLC; 410/358-3900;

Calibration Compliance

As pharmaceutical companies strive to meet increasingly stringent mandates, their metrology activities become more critical. Calibrations of process instruments and controls must be conducted to high levels of accuracy. This website discusses a national service organization that specializes in calibrating pharmaceutical process systems. The “ITS ProCal ProGram” relieves users of all metrology responsibilities including staffing. The ITS calibrates and services process systems and maintains a paperless reporting system that is in total compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations regarding electronic records/signatures. ITS Instrumentation Technical Services; 610/436-9703;

Regulatory Asset Management

This website contains white papers and articles on regulatory asset management. Some of the topics covered are Regulatory Asset Management: Harmonizing Calibration, Maintenance and Validation; CCMS Best Practices: Making the Most of Limited Calibration Resources; When to Upgrade; Minimizing Calibration Risk in Biotech Environments; and Validation of a Calibration Management Software System. Blue Mountain; 814/234-2417;

Calibrator Primer

White paper answers questions such as “What is Calibration?”’ What Are Some Types of Calibrators?” and “Why is Calibration  Important”? NIST traceability is defined and discussed and there is a step-by-step description of basic calibration. The paper also discusses in-house vs. laboratory calibration, and it describes the major types of calibration devices. Omega Engineering; 800/622-2378;

Calibration Service Market

Research study examines the North American calibration services market. It offers revenue forecasts by market segments and covers key drivers and restraints affecting market growth. It also provides industry challenges and strategic recommendations to overcome them. The different types of calibration services covered in this research are electrical, mechanical, thermodynamic and physical. Frost & Sullivan; 877/463-7678;

Calibration Solutions

Brochure on calibration covers global calibration services and calibration certificates offered by National Instruments (NI). It also covers calibration software support for metrology laboratories. For most computer-based data acquisition and instrumentation hardware, NI  supplies graduated accuracy tables, so you can gain a better uncertainty profile for the life of the measurement device. National Instruments; 512/683-0100;

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