Documenting Process Calibrator Aids Validation

Aug. 30, 2007
The Beamex MC4 is a compact, portable documenting process calibrator capable of calibrating many process parameters, such as temperature, pressure and electrical and analog control signals.

As more industries insist on validation procedures to ensure the quality of their processes, calibration becomes more critical. Documentation of calibration is easier when the operator or maintenance tech can upload documentation files right out of the calibrator.

It is supplied with a 24 VDC internal HART-compatible power supply. It can simulate many analog outputs− millivolt, resistance, RTD, thermocouple and milliamp current.

Instrument data can be sent from the instrument shop computer to the MC4, and calibration results uploaded using Beamex’s companion calibration software, CMX.

 The Beamex CMX calibration software is used for documenting and managing all calibration information and assets. CMX stores and documents calibration information in auditable and traceable format by meeting regulatory requirements, such as ISO 17025, cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11 for pharma industry. It can be also integrated into a user’s maintenance management system.

The MC4 is provided with an accredited calibration certificate to attest to its accuracy. The correction coefficients of a PRT (RTD) probe can be programmed into the MC4 to further improve its temperature calibration accuracy.

The unit is supplied with a large graphical display, menu-based multilingual user interface and numeric membrane keyboard. A rechargeable battery pack and charger are standard, and internal and external pressure modules are optional.

For more information contact Beamex Inc. www.beamex.com /800-888-9892