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Web Highlights: What’s New This Month on ControlGlobal.com

Aug. 1, 2007
What's new on ControlGlobal.com. Read about the latest whitepapers, automation minutes, sight highlights and more.
By Katherine Bonfante, managing editor, digital media

A New Face on the Internet

Every day people join different groups on the web. You have your daily blogger and the blog reader, your public forum group and the new participant, your new video podcast star and the video watcher and so on. Well, I’m the latest member to join the ControlGlobal.com family—Katherine Bonfante, your new ControlGlobal.com trusted source.

I’m the person that will get you the most up to date information on new technology, daily emerging strategies, latest white papers, podcasts and more. I’m your connection to what ControlGlobal.com has to offer and to whatever else is out on the web you think should be posted on our site. I’m here to showcase the latest and best ideas in the industry. 

The internet grows exponentially by the minute, and the information you can find in it is unimaginable. If you don’t have a road map or a trusted source you can easily get lost on the web. Think of me as your new handheld GPS system, guiding through ControlGlobal.com and helping you find the information you are looking for in record time.

But I need your help. If you think there is information not already posted on our site that should be, let me know. Let’s work together sharing information among our community members, expanding our knowledge of the industry, the latest events and trends.

I look forward to becoming your monthly guide, and build a relationship that offers you the best of Control magazine online.

Control’s 2007 Foxboro User Group Live Coverage

The 2007 Foxboro User Group conference was held in Boston, July 16 through 19. The conference drew a record number of attendees, approximately 360 participants, and the Control magazine team was there with live coverage of the event. The conference kicked off on Sunday, July 15 with a reception and an exhibit area called the Fast Lane Pavilion. The following three days consisted of special discussion group panels hosted by Peter Martin, Invensys’ vice president of performance management; Thad Lewis Frost, IA marketing manager; Charlie Piper, Invensys Process Systems Fieldbus Project Manager; Dave Runkel, production manager at Lost Pines Power Park; and Rob Brooks of PPG, among others.

To see Control’s detailed live coverage log on to ControlGlobal.com and click on “2007 Foxboro User Group.” Editor in chief Walt Boyes also blogged live from the conference. For his live-on-the-floor take, go to the Sound Off! blog.


Legacy Control Systems Migration

This paper describes a successful approach towards migration of legacy control systems

Alarm Rationalization Guide

This document helps define expectations for the quality of alarm rationalization and provides a framework from which to measure it.

MES – The Missing Link

This paper describes what a state-of-the-art MES should be and how a functioning MES deployment provides a real-time window into the enterprise.

Automation Minute

The Great Engineers

Control Editor in Chief Walt Boyes talks about the itinerant masons who built the cathedrals in the Middle Ages, and how we might be like them.

Complacent With Compliance?

How much is enough testing? OPC specialist and CONTROL columnist Eric Murphy comments in this installment of OPC Connection.

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