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July 30, 2007
Walt Boyes blogged from last week's ISA Wireless Summit, formally titled Wireless Solutions for Manufacturing Automation.

Find out what Walt had to say about the ISA Wireless Summit.
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ISA Wireless Summit
Pat Gouhin led off with a brief description of ISA’s activities and turned the meeting over to Andre Restaino, who is the Compliance Institute leader at ISA. ISA has (finally!!!) established compliance institutes for various standards, as discussed in my June editorial. One of the compliance institutes will be the ISA100 Wireless Complinace Institute...
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And what do I think about wireless?
Some people attending the ISA Wireless Summit this week noted that I was capturing in this blog the essence of what was being said by everybody else at the meeting…but what they wanted to know was what Walt Boyes thought. As pretentious as that sounds, I suppose I do have a voice. Why not? I have an opinion on just about anything else.
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Paul Sereiko closes out the conference…
This is an out of the box presentation, Paul said.

  • Paul Sereiko  - Professional  - President and CEO, AirSprite Technologies  - Industrial wireless sensing software and infrastructure  - Founding CEO, Sensicast Systems, Inc.  - Wireless sensor networking solutions  - EVP Marketing, PinPoint Corporation  - Real-time wireless location systems  - Professional Affiliations  - Co-chair, ISA-SP100 Marketing Working Group  - HART Communication Foundation, Marketing Group  - Education  - BC Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Champaign  - MBA, Northwestern University (Kellogg) 

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The Dust Newbie talks Money
Steve Toteta, new kid from Dust Networks, is talking about an economic perspective on wireless mesh networking.
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