Shootout at the Wireless Corral

June 12, 2007
In this audio podcast for the Process Automation Media Network, Dave Kaufman of Honeywell and Jose Guittierez of Emerson put their guns on the table to talk wireless with CONTROL's Walt Boyes.

For the first time, representatives from both Honeywell Process Solutions and Emerson Process Systems sit down to talk wireless in a way that has never been seen in standards-making before. We all remember the shootout at the Fieldbus Corral that used to take place at ISA each year, but there now is the beginning of cooperation behind the scenes by major companies to build a standard we can actually use rather than try and compete for commercial advantage.

Dave Kaufman is director of business development at Honeywell and is one of the leading proponents of efforts in both HART wireless and SP100. Dr. Jose Guittierez is director of technology for Emerson and is a former refinery engineer in Venezuela, and was a co-chair on the 80315.14 committee. CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes moderates.

Podcast Length: 60:00

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This podcast is in three parts: