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Rick’s Picks of the Web: This month on ControlGlobal.com

June 4, 2007
CONTROL’s Rick Pedraza offers his picks of what’s best on the web. Here’s what's happening this month, June 2007, on ControlGlobal.com, the online resource of CONTROL magazine.
By Rick Pedraza, Managing Editor, Digital Media

New Ebook on Distillation Control & Optimization
This month on ControlGlobal.com, we debut a newly published ebook that addresses arguably the most complex unit operation in most processing plants. Distillation Control & Optimization, by Béla Lipták, provides a concise, yet complete analysis of distillation control.

Lipták focuses on the important aspects of the subject for the time-pressed engineer and shows how increases in efficiency and savings can be accomplished by the application of state-of-the-art process controls. He emphasizes reliable stable control strategies aimed at optimization of process performance and says that these optimization techniques provided can improve "productivity and profitability by 25%."

Download this important new work by going to ControlGlobal.com/distillation.html.

On Your Mark… Get Set… Now What?
As we approach the one year mark since the release of the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) specifications, noted OPC authority Eric Murphy notes that there are still several milestones to pass. As more users want to know what exactly OPC UA is, and when they can get it, Murphy explains in his special-to-the-web article for OPC Connection that it will still be several months to a year before truly OPC UA-compliant products are commercially available.

He says that bringing a specification like OPC UA to completion "is more akin to running a marathon than the 100-meter dash. After the crack of the pistol and the cheers at the start, there is a lot of hard work and dedication that is needed before enjoying the victorious finale."

To read the latest installment of OPC Connection, go to ControlGlobal.com/OPC.

Hear Us On iTunes
The Process Automation Media Network is now available through the iTunes Store. Check out our complete podcast library, which contains a wealth of knowledge and insight on automation topics.

Visitors to the iTunes Store or ControlGlobal.com can listen to or save mp3 and mvw file interviews with various subject-matter experts. When you subscribe to a feed, information is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs.

Come on by and take a listen at ControlGlobal.com/podcasts.html, or check us out at iTunes.com.


Integrating Control and Safety: Where to Draw the Line
How do you provide an integrated control and safety solution with advanced functionality and productivity without compromising safety and security? Where do users draw the line? This white paper provides some answers.

Collecting Data from Non-PLC Devices
This paper will help people who are designing data acquisition/collection systems learn more about choosing the device connectivity option that best meets the needs of their application.

The Rise of the PAC
Programmable automation controllers (PACs) are finding their niche…everywhere! This white paper talks in detail about the PAC, a hybrid of the PLC and the PC.


Sound OFF! Editor’s Blog
Our Editor’s Blog has been redesigned! Want to know what’s going on in the industry? Then catch up with our roving editors as they blog daily on just about every process automation topic.


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