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Rick’s Picks of the Web: This month on ControlGlobal.com

Jan. 5, 2007
CONTROL’s Rick Pedraza offers his picks of what’s best on the web. Here’s what's happening this month (January '06) on ControlGlobal.com, the online resource of CONTROL magazine.
By Rick Pedraza, Managing Editor, Digital Media

Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New


A redesigned ControlGlobal.com

The new year marked the debut of a redesigned ControlGlobal.com, so if you haven’t been by in a while, come on over and take a look around the joint. We’ve cleaned up the place, rearranged some furniture and made a few fixes to the structure that makes for easier navigation and a visual design more pleasing to the eye.

So stop by and check out the new digs. Same address, just a better neighborhood. And while you’re here, click on our numerous audio podcasts, sign up for RSS feeds, participate in our interactive weblog and download as many of our technology papers and intelligence reports as you want. It’s an Open House! You’ll notice the marked improvement.

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Crossing the Chasm


Eric Murphy

OPC specialist Eric Murphy provides OPC Connection with a special-to-the-web article this month depicting the technology chasm that exists between the early adopters of OPC Unified Architecture (the technology enthusiasts and visionaries) and the early majority (the pragmatists).

In the piece, Murphy notes that as OPC UA begins its approach to the chasm between early adopters and mainstream markets, the infrastructure is already being laid to ensure it can successfully bridge the gap. Anyone who works with new or innovative technology and wants the world to adopt it as its standard is aware of the all-important need to cross this gap. Learn how OPC UA represents a significant step towards transforming data into information for the enterprise.

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Safety and Security, Security and Safety

Control system security.

During last month’s customer conference in Dallas, Ernie Rakaczky, business development manager for control system security for Invensys Systems Canada Inc., conducted an informative, if nightmarish roundtable discussion on control system security chronicled by Editor in Chief Walt Boyes in his SoundOff! Editors Blog. 

Rakaczky and the other panelists posited a set of interlocking interests and functions for control system security with the end user at the center of t0he puzzle, surrounded by a ring of protection provided by academia, standards and other non-governmental organizations, IT security suppliers, control system suppliers and government agencies. Boyes provides a comprehensive summation of all positions in this online piece but admits, “I am a cynical and jaded automation professional, and I know that the first rule of cybersecurity protection is, “what one coder can protect, another coder can break.”

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Gettting Into Enclosures

Our Executive Editor, Jim Montague, thinks about the box. Housing for control and automation devices and networks is evolving right along with the components they contain, he says, so it’s even more important now to choose the appropriate enclosure for your application. Here’s how.

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The 6 Myths of Process Performance
Plant personnel can see exactly where to focus efforts with this series of online training videos that explode the myths of plant performance. This month, Myths 4, 5 & 6.  >> Download Now

Effective Modeling for Nonlinear Control
Learn how Extrapolating Gain-Constrained Neural Networks (EGCN) can create high-fidelity models that incorporate information from both a priori process knowledge and measured process data.  >> Download Now

Control SCADA Security Best Practices
This guide identifies seven best practices for securing industrial process control, automation, distributed control and SCADA systems .  >> Download Now


Highlights from Invensys Conference
Last month’s event in Dallas included in-depth, brand-specific technology meetings, sessions addressing approaches for measuring and improving asset performance management, and a full day devoted to training. Go to ControlGlobal.com/2006invensys.html..  >> Read more

Process Control Technology Libraries
One-stop, educational shops for industrial manufacturing professionals, control technicians, engineering students and researchers working and training in the process industries. Go to ControlGlobal.com/technologycenters.html.  >> Read more

RSS Feeds
Learn how to receive RSS feeds of the latest automation information. We offer unique feeds for News, Articles, Products and Job Opportunities.  >> Receive Feeds


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