I/O & Terminal Blocks (Part 2 of 3)

Sept. 16, 2003

A quiet product category--as long as the parts work together

The I/O and terminal block categories are pretty quiet fronts. There are issues of intrinsic safety, network communication, and how far and wide to distribute these components. But, for the most part, pick among analog, digital, and specialty I/O; and look for modules with enough capacity to support the number and location of your field equipment.

But do pay attention to those compatibility issues.

Circuit compatibility is not guaranteed among all manufacturers' I/O systems and all field equipment. For multivendor environments, the IEC has established value ranges for interoperability of several electrical parameters. Even so, end users may want to use the same supplier for sensor and I/O products whenever possible.

This is the second of three installments in this product round-up. The first appeared on September 9; the last will be web-published the week of September 22.

Networking Motor Module

The Busstop station directly mounts on motor control enclosures to provide I/O, power, and networking over Profibus-DP or DeviceNet networks. Inside the enclosure, it provides up to eight dry contactor inputs and eight contactor outputs. Outside, it has eight eurofast ports for I/O. LEDs provide status of I/O. The station is epoxy encapsulated and rated NEMA 1, 3, 4, 12, 13, and IEC IP-67.


888/546-5880 www.interlinkbt.com

High-Speed Counter

High-speed counter/pulse output modules fit the company's Terminator I/O and DL405 lines of PLC and I/O products. They accept high-speed pulse-type input signals and provide either discrete outputs or a pulse output for position control, speed referencing, or other motion control functions. The modules have eight DC sink/source inputs at 9-30 VDC, and four isolated sink/source DC outputs at 5-30 VDC. Prices start at $289.


800/633-0405 www.automationdirect.com

DeviceNet I/O

MicroNode provides high density, compact I/O connections for DeviceNet fieldbus networks. Models are available with a mix of digital I/O, analog inputs, and analog outputs. Digital I/O is available in either sinking or sourcing configurations. The package provides side or front mounting and easy access to I/O through a standard 37-pin D-sub connector.

MKS Instruments

978-975-2350 www.mksinst.com

Modbus to ControlLogix

The MVI56-MCM and MVI56-MBP modules connect Modbus and Modbus Plus communication devices to the Allen-Bradley ContolLogix system. The MVI56-MCM, good for SCADA and foreign device interface applications, includes independently configured Modus ports operating as master and/or slave and to active serial ports each supporting RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485. The MVI56-MBP features master and slave functionality and fully configurable data mapping.

ProSoft Technology

661/716-5100 www.prosoft-technology.com

Circuit Breaker Protects Sensors

Pluggable thermal circuit breaker for the Series 282 DIN rail-mount cage clamp terminal blocks protects power distribution systems, automation equipment, and process control applications. The single-pole device is available in switching or non-switching versions for protecting circuits up to 10 A over voltage ranges of 250 VAC to 65 VDC, making it suitable for use with most AC and DC sensor and control circuits. Prices start at $10.38.


262/255-6333 www.wago.

Ethernet I/O

BXi/o provides modular, Ethernet-enabled I/O for the company's BX series motion and machine controllers. The system includes digital and analog I/O module configurations, module carriers, and Ethernet interface units. Up to eight I/O modules share a single Ethernet interface. Thousands of I/O points can be serviced by a single controller, and the controllers can be Ethernet networked for expanded I/O capabilities.

Berkeley Process Control

510/222-8004 www.berkeleyprocess.com

Safe I/O

The Excom intrinsically safe remote I/O system handles I/O in Class I hazardous areas, and sends data to PLCs and control systems. Standard systems are available with four, eight, or 16 I/O modules, redundant power supplies and gateways, hot-swap modules, and D-sub connectors for use with serial networks, such as a fieldbus. Prices begin at $65 per loop.


800/544-7769 www.turck.com

Ethernet Analog I/O

The EDAS CE analog input module provides up to 200 kHz waveform capture for performing high-speed data capture, transient analysis, FFT processing, and other waveform-based measurements. It has 8-192 channels of isolated analog and digital I/O, RS-232, built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet, and a CPU running the Windows CE 3.0 operating system. Applications include embedded test, vibration analysis, and remote machine performance-monitoring. Prices start at $1,190.

Intelligent Instrumentation

800/685-9911 www.edasce.com

Discrete I/O

The SixTrak Model ST-DI-024-32D 32 channel discrete input module provides local I/O expansion for the company's controllers, remote terminal units, or Ethernet I/O gateways. It can be DIN rail or direct panel-mounted, has hot swap capability, and is encased in Lexan. The module is vibration and surge-resistant, operates in temperatures -40-70° C, and is CE, UL, CSA, and Class 1, Div. 2-rated.


518/877-5173 www.sixnetio.com.

Terminal Block

This 40-A, 6-mm, feed-through terminal block uses a U Series universal rail mounting standard screw clamp. Its flexible foot enables easy mounting and dismounting from a 35 or 32 mm DIN rail with the help of a screwdriver. The terminals are explosion-proof, comply to En 500019, and can be used in Class 1, Zone 1 hazardous locations.


908/806-9411 www.altech.com

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