Want to Write?

March 5, 2003
Perhaps you have what it takes to become a CONTROL columnist

Time rolls on, and even though its not nearly as important or as interesting as process control, every now and then I have to use this space to talk to you about CONTROL magazine. Please bear with me.

First, our columnist J.G. Holbrook is taking leave from CONTROL to concentrate on his new management responsibilities. He will no longer be able to write his stories about the life and times of the neophyte process control engineer. In some ways, thats good,J.G. is getting too experienced to offer that kind of perspective!

But it leaves us seeking someone who is just starting out as a process control professional,just graduating from school, taking that first job, and entering the real world. The right person will enjoy writing 800-1,200 words every other month, seek fame and fortune, and not be afraid of appearing in alternate issues from Bela Liptak.

The current format of the column allows the author to write under an assumed name, concealing his or her true identity so he can speak frankly about his work environment, vendors, problems,anything related to process control. Our first two columnists, E.P. Feigen and J.G., have both been employed by engineering firms, but that is certainly not a requirement if you have started your career with a chemical company, utility, or other process control focus.

If you fit that description (or know someone who does), please give me a call or send me an e-mail. Im also not unwilling to listen to comments about the column format or consider suggestions for alternatives.

Meanwhile, I have the pleasure of announcing the promotions of Dan Hebert, PE, to Senior Technical Editor and Lisa Liljegren to Art Director.

Dan put in several years on our masthead as a Field Editor before he joined us full-time in August 2000, just before the hottest ISA Show ever in his native New Orleans. Since then, he has leveraged his BSEE from the University of Southwestern Louisiana; his 20 years of control engineering for power distribution, equipment OEM, and engineering firms; his MBA (we forgive him for that) from the University of California at Irvine; and his rapport with an ever-increasing group of knowledgeable end users and industry seers to produce incisive, informative, and useful articles. Known around here as the King of the Top 10 List, Dan brings a real understanding of the process control world to his writing, and we think thats important.

Cowboy, dog, soldier, tattoo, tank, beer taps, hamburger¦if youve been receiving CONTROL for a significant period of time since August 2000, youve been subjected to the cover designs and detailed layout work of Lisa Liljegren. However you might feel about our penchant for distinctive covers, youve got to admit they garner attention. Several have won regional and national awards from one of the major associations in our publishing business, the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE).

Along with loads of talent, Lisa combines apparently unshakeable cheer with consistent will to do whatever it takes. Shes all this editor could ask for in an art director, and this promotion simply recognizes her demonstrated ability to take full charge of CONTROL and its ancillary products.

Well be putting Lisa to the test this year redesigning the magazine to improve readability, and we always appreciate your comments and criticisms,the only thing worse than having no one comment when we mail out an issue we think is beautiful is silence when we believe wed have to admit we went over the line.

With Dan, Lisa, the rest of our terrific staff and contributors (and maybe you?) we look forward to decorating your mailbox each month with another great issue of CONTROL!

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