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Supply chain players hang tough

Aug. 15, 2023
Process control and automation distributors, suppliers and system integrators maintain hard-won supply chain practices earned during COVID-19

Most of the COVID-19 chaos is receding in the rearview mirror. However, the scars, aftershocks, shortages and coping strategies remain. And, even though many traumas of the pandemic have largely abated, the continuing stresses and pressures of the war in Ukraine and other supply chain upheavals continue.

Plus, recent overordering and overstocks of some products triggered by COVID-19 are creating their own costs and challenges. All of these bust-and-boom issues and related turmoil require suppliers, distributors, system integrators, end users and their upstream and downstream associates to maintain the good practices and flexibility they learned during COVID-19, and adapt and expand them going forward.

Some relief, but snags persist

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Education mitigates a shifting, quicksand crisis

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Process control supply chain survey three years after COVID-19

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Refocus internally to prioritize external tasks

Supply chain mini-series—Day 4—Panduit uses vertical integration to work with distributors and raw materials suppliers to manufacture crucial products. Read more 

Coping with overstocks and other constraints

Supply chain mini-series—Day 5—RS Americas diversifies products, expands options, and makes analytics available to more inclusive teams. Read more 

Software tools for supply chain success

Supply chain mini-series—Day 6—Some useful software and websites for streamlining designs, specifying, ordering and other tasks. Read more

Embracing alternative sources, parts, designs and strategies

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Collaborate and communicate to make supply chains more visible

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Jim Montague is executive editor of Control.