Save the Date! ISA/ Maverick Tech Team up for Migration Webinar

April 25, 2014

ISA and Maverick Technoloies have joined forces to offer a 90-minute webinar on control systems migration. on May 29. The discussion will focus on system migration challenges and show how front-end loading streamlines the process. This could be a must-do, even if you don't like webinars.

Three experts, ISA, Maverick Technologies and ISAe webinar, will discuss on May 29, 2014, the challenges, problems and common mistakes involved in a process control system migration, and show how using front-end loading (FEL) practices help smooth the migration process. To register, go here.
FEL is the process of conceptual development for projects in the process and other industries. It includes robust planning and design early in a project's lifecycle at a time when the ability to influence changes in design is relatively high and the cost to make those changes is relatively low. Though FEL often adds a small amount of time and cost to the early portion of a project, these are minor compared to the alternative of making changes at later stages.
Speakers include Nick Sands, manufacturing technology fellow at DuPont Protection Technologies; Matt Sigmon, director of DCSNext at MAVERICK Technologies; and Charles Skeen, program manager, chemicals, at MAVERICK Technologies.
The webinar will consist of a two-part presentation, followed by an extended question-and-answer session. Attendees will be able to enter questions on the WebEx window on their PC screens.
Part 1 will cover common mistakes in migrating from one control system to another, including incomplete or inadequate attention to safety instrumented systems, batch control, I/O interfacing, communications, cybersecurity and control system requirements. Part 1 also covers the consequences of these mistakes, such as escalating costs, delayed schedules and staffing issues.
Part 2  describes FEL procedures, how to use them in a control system migration project and how good FEL practices improve and aid project scope, schedule, budget, and resource planning and execution.
For those not able to attend live, the recorded webinar will be available on and

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