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Jan. 1, 2000

I've been tweeting all day at the Invensys Software User Group meeting at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. Here is where Invensys talks about the leading edge changes they have been making in the leading HMI and Historian software, asset management software and the state of the art simulation product line.

I've been tweeting all day at the Invensys Software User Group meeting at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. Here is where Invensys talks about the leading edge changes they have been making in the leading HMI and Historian software, asset management software and the state of the art simulation product line.

I decided to reproduce my tweets (and a couple of my retweets) here. If you want to follow the conference on Twitter, search hashtag #SoftwareRevolution (and mind the capital letters).

Andy Robinson ‏@archestranaut4h: Watch your back @osi. Historian is getting into big boy scale. #softwarerevolution (Retweeted by waltboyes)

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes4h: Element styles attenuate the starkness of situational awareness graphics-use what you like #SoftwareRevolution

Ram ‏@RamRM95h: Pushing integrated situational data to shop floor personal to impact activity based profitability. That's different. #softwarerevolution (Retweeted by waltboyes)

Andy Robinson ‏@archestranaut5h: Read this book for background on situational awareness. This is basis for new stuff. … #softwarerevolution (Retweeted by waltboyes)

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: “@InvensysOpsMgmt: @archestranaut The Press are not eligible to win the #SoftwareRevolution contest. :(” Can't accept it anyway...

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Operators need the ability to project into the future and see what will happen when alarm goes off #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Situational Awareness Library of collateral and assets that are pre-tested and standard-based #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Early HMI was a keyhole into the process-not very effective #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: On to InTouch 2014...situational awareness evolution #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Alarm robustness: We apologize for "alarm logger"... It's gone. All alarm and event data on historian.#SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h; Alarm Aggregation: added metadata to aggregate alarms in overview displays #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Alarming: best practices--severity levels 1 to 4 (<5 min to <120 min) #SoftwareRevolution Mapped priority bands into severity levels

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Engrg Eff'cy: new script editor--autocomplete, undo, more #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Locking standard so they behave as base templates like ArchestrA. #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Standards Management: Template/Symbol Locking of Galaxies #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: ww system platform 2014 updates #SoftwareRevolution

 Jay David ‏@NicanorDavidJr5h: Question: What's Indusoft's role going to be in the the Wonderware Industrial Computer universe? #SoftwareRevolution (Retweeted by waltboyes)

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Business continuity Support Windows Server 2012 Windows 8 HyperV other improvements and virtualization #SoftwareRevolution

Peter Reynolds ‏@PeterDReynolds5h: Avantis delivered SaaS leveraging MICROSOFT Azure. end customer data center security stacks up to Azure security? #softwarerevolution (Retweeted by waltboyes)

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: WW Industrial computers getting refreshed in 2014 #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Access Anywhere allows a VPN-less secure gateway- core elements in InTouch extensions #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: “@archestranaut: @EliotLandrum you pay for what you consume...not store. Very similar to cloud. #softwarerevolution” And move w/o penalty. (Retweeted by waltboyes)

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: The Roadmap Recap #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: CustomerFirst and training: remote training eLearning Resident Engineer program Solution Support proactive systems monit #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Intelligence and CEM, improved visibility and savings #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: IntelaTrac improvements assign assets at Runtime, Image markup, working on Improved work management and tablet support #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Avantis enterprise workflow integration, lockout tagout capabilities + lots more new stuff, and Avantis SaaS #SoftwareRevolution 

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: “@MESEngineer: “@NicanorDavidJr: Was this the guy @waltboyes..., Re: Dept of Irony? #SoftwareRevolution sweet” NOPE It was a real guy.

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Batch and process manufacturing InBatch 2012 R2- new prod Recipe MgrPro coming soon. #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h@NicanorDavidJr No, it was a real customer...

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: WW Historian online low as $50/month full historian, secure user based access, no tag counts #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Historian support for 2 million tags!! Unique, I think. #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Historian Scalability and Usability: integrated history, easier setup, robust, scalability, o'view and Office 2013 #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: InTouch System Platform Situational Awareness: library, styles cascaded colors, new alarms/events, scripting and OPC UA #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: New capabilities SmartGlance: my alerts, new OS/Device Support- SG is officially a Wonderware product. #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: New SmartGlance offering...reports, dashboards, kpi, SaaS cross platform, cross devices including Windows 8 #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: More Work Tasks info and tools coming soon #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Work Tasks for Windows 8 announced last Friday complete mfg processes anywhere anytime #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: InTouch Access Anywhere supports any platform any browser out there from any type of device with secure access #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes5h: Major releases 2012/13 and coming attractions #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes6h: “@PeterDReynolds: historian as a service. Automation services new differentiator for automation companies.#softwarerevolution” May well be

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes6h: Near field information in context on tablet or phone... #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes6h: “@archestranaut: Big data bingo! Your turn @MESEngineer #softwarerevolution” Market research for asbergers people. It does NOT tell you WHY

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes6h: Competency, low skill level, empowerment -big issues in workforce #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes7h: By 2019 cheaper to sequence your genome than to flush your toilet..Uldrich #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes7h: “@henmol: Invensys starting a zenzizenzizenzic #softwarerevolution” Ever heard of zenzizenzizenzic? I bet you will!

Eliot Landrum ‏@EliotLandrum7h: I have a really hard time respecting someone who calls himself a futurist. #softwarerevolution (Retweeted by waltboyes)

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes7h: Customer behavior changing in subtle ways...Jack Uldrich #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes7h: Jack Uldrich, futurist, chief unlearning officer, keynotes... #SoftwareRevolution

 Peter Reynolds ‏@PeterDReynolds7h: Invensys operator training from a corporate cloud and integral to learning management systems. May be an industry first #softwarerevolution (Retweeted by waltboyes)

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes7h: Corporate OTS using cloud to train many locations at once #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes7h: Complete 3D VR training sim from putting on tools and radio to walking round the plant #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes7h: Alistair Fraser talked about increase of dynamic simulation value to the business system #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes7h: CrudeSuite/SimSci integration #SoftwareRevolution

Maryanne Steidinger ‏@msteidinger8h: PRO/II and Spiral Software native integration for simulation and planning of assays at #softwarerevolution (Retweeted by waltboyes)

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes8h: “@EliotLandrum: ...Industrial UX/UI has been firmly stuck in the 90s. #SoftwareRevolution” Wonder how the acceptance will be?

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes8h: John Krajewsky introduced situational awareness library which will massively change looknfeel of Wonderware #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes8h: From Dept of Irony--guy sitting in front of me wearing an Emerson Process Management windbreaker... #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes8h: new Avantis, Intellatrac, SimSci,Wonderware, CustomerFirst announcements #SoftwareRevolution

 waltboyes ‏@waltboyes8h: Ravi says software business is in a position of great strength re Schneider #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes8h: Ravi Gopinath keynotes... #SoftwareRevolution 

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes8h: Cooper announces over 1000 attendees, including employees and partners #SoftwareRevolution

waltboyes ‏@waltboyes8hNeil Cooper does the courtesy moment and safety moment stuff as the Invensys Software User Conference starts. #SoftwareRevolution

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