ISA106 leaders win Standards and Practices Awards #isa #pauto #automation

Jan. 1, 2000

Five ISA106 committee leaders have received the ISA Standards and Practices Department Award for their accomplishments in publishing the new ISA106 technical report on procedure controlled automation.

I received this letter from Maurice Wilkins, vice president of global marketing services at Yokogawa, who in his spare time serves as managing director of the ISA106 Standard Committee.

The ISA106 Committee (for which I am proud to have helped co-author the proposal documents) is the Procedural Automation Standard committee. Procedural automation is the next step after sequenced events and batch and can be applied in any and every kind of automation application from discrete to process and in between. I have not had time to be very involved with the ISA106 committee, but I've been following their work, and the newly published Technical Report. These people are all very busy, with day jobs that suck up their time, just like the rest of us. But they believe in the future of automation strongly enough to be willing to work for free on this standard. Let's give it up for them!

Here's what Maurice wrote:

Each year, the ISA Standards & Practices Department recognizes significant contributions by committee members toward achieving major committee milestones – which typically would result in publication of an ISA Standard, RP (recommended practice) or TR (technical report).

I am pleased to say that this year’s S&P Department Award winners include five members of ISA106 in recognition of their key roles in developing the recently published TR. 

The committee members who have received this award for their leadership in driving the TR to completion and getting it published are: Yahya Nazer, Marty King, Bill Wray, Dave Emerson and Charlie Green.

I will be presenting their plaques at a future face to face meeting. 

Please join me in congratulating them.

Best Regards,