Another Groaner from Kaulfersch-- #pauto #engineer_humor #automation

June 19, 2013
Joe Kaulfersch dared to send this one in:

Joe Kaulfersch dared to send this one in:

Around the turn of the last century, a young electrical engineer decided to travel around the world and discover other cultures after he graduated from college. On his way back through the US, he stumbled upon a very poor and isolated Navajo village. He was so awed that his fellow Americans could be living in such destitution, that he sought out the Chief, to see what he could do to help. After several hours, the engineer finally succeeded in explaining the concept of electricity to the Chief, he implored the Chief to think of some way to implement the new technology. The public utilities were going to be stringing electrical power through the rural part of the state around 1910. After a few minutes, the Chief scratched his head and said, "Well, you know the outhouse is very cold and dark in the winter. Perhaps a light bulb would make that a better place for our people. 

Needless to say, the engineer fulfilled the request, and became the first tourist to wire ahead for a reservation. 

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