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Jan. 31, 2013
From Rich Merritt:

From Rich Merritt:

InduSoft Releases SCADA Visualization App for Windows 8

The world’s first SCADA/HMI app designed specifically for Windows 8 and Windows RT brings remote access benefits with seamless implementation.

Austin, TX – January 31, 2013 – InduSoft released the InduSoft Visualization App for Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft’s highly-anticipated new version of its Windows operating system. The app is now available at The Windows Store.

As the first SCADA/HMI visualization app created specifically for Windows 8, the InduSoft Visualization App offers mobile access to InduSoft Web Studio applications from any Windows 8 device. The app enables users to access to SCADA information from a variety of Mobile Access stations such as iPhones, tablets and laptops.

“Launching the first SCADA Visualization App for The Windows Store is a big step,” said Lourenço Teodoro, vice president of engineering at InduSoft. “This app will give our SCADA users seamless access to the new design of Windows 8 that offers cloud connectivity, hardware versatility and a solid foundation.”

InduSoft Visualization App gives users the ability to monitor critical information anytime at their fingertips. Users can view alarms, alarm history, process values, trends and historical data from any location using their Windows 8 operating system.

InduSoft offers a demo application for users to take a test drive and experience the seamless connectivity to Windows 8.

To learn more, please visit the Microsoft store at

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