Yokogawa Users Group 2012 Day 1: Innovate for the Future...or Else

Oct. 30, 2012

If you couldn't attent Yokogawa's Users Group 2012 don't worry. We got you covered. Read today's news below and visit the users' group website.

If you couldn't attent Yokogawa's Users Group 2012 don't worry. We got you covered. Read today's news below and visit the users' group website.

Growing Globally, Yokogawa Takes Aim at U.S. Gas Industry
Satoru Kurosu's message was clear: Yokogawa is not just an instrumentation and control company, but a full-service automation partner on a global scale. Kurosu gave the keynote address today to the company's North America user group conference being held this week in New Orleans.

Innovate for the Future...or Else
For a users conference focused largely on getting the most out of tools today, a keynote speaker harping on the need to innovate toward the megatrends of tomorrow might seem somewhat impractical. Richard Sear acknowledged that fact during his presentation at the Yokogawa Users Group Conference in New Orleans.

Risk Assessment Skills Needed for SIS Success
Since you're already up off the couch, can you bring me a beer or maybe a cup of tea? That's how many process industry companies convince their instrumentation and electrical (I&E) engineers and managers to implement and maintain safety instrumented systems (SISs) along with their other demanding jobs.

Genentech Wireless Network Monitors Critical Assets
As the U.S. R&D center of excellence, the campus in South San Francisco holds a special place for biotech company Genentech. The site–with about 10,000 employees working in more than 40 buildings spread across about 2 miles–also comes with special facility monitoring needs. The facility monitoring system is pretty unique.

Virtualization Simplifies Server Upkeep
"I started getting interested in virtualization early," began Lenny Pousson, DCS administrator for CF Industries, in Donaldsonville, La. And by early he meant 2008, when the plant's automation applications shared a server room with its IT department. Pousson would keep hearing about how wonderful their virtualization projects were.

Process Security is a Never-Ending Journey
There's no "set it and forget it" with process security. Much like taking out the trash and brushing your teeth, process security measures must be continually monitored and updated to stop an ever-multiplying number and variety of viruses and threats, according to Leigh Weber, CISSP, senior security engineer at exida Consulting.

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