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Dec. 14, 2010

This morning I received the following note:

 Good Morning Walt;

This morning I received the following note:

 Good Morning Walt;

I would like to introduce you to a  revolutionary new site designed to create jobs in America by engaging the American consumer in our recovery. Quite simply, we are selling products that produce paychecks in an effort to reduce our trade deficit and put more Americans back to work!

We are rating products based on the economic footprint that each purchase leaves on this country to help the consumer make better purchasing decisions that impact their economy.

Our new product directory creates a new transparency between the consumer and the community impacted by each purchase. This is an entirely new approach to a very relevant message that some are calling "Buy American 2.0"

I am an average American who like many is tired of this economy and want to do something besides wait for Washington to create change, this is change we can see!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Chris Kilcullen

This is an idea that might work, if it gains traction. www.americasgotproduct.com lists companies that make goods in the US so that consumers can have an educated choice. Because of social media, it might be that Kilcullen's idea will catch on.

The only way we can revitalize American manufacturing is if people start showing a marked preference for goods made in the USA. We have the technical tools to revitalize manufacturing, but we need to have the social and political impetus.

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