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May 16, 2007
Wurldtech Labs Announces First Set of Achilles Certified Industrial Controllers  Six Industrial Controllers Earn Wurldtech Labs AchillesTM Security Certification 
Wurldtech Labs Announces First Set of Achilles Certified Industrial Controllers  Six Industrial Controllers Earn Wurldtech Labs AchillesTM Security Certification Wurldtech Labs, an independent division of Wurldtech Security Technologies, announced today the results of its initial round of AchillesTM Certification Testing. The following six products earned The Achilles Level 1 Certification: CENTIUM CS 3000 R3 Field Control Unit - Yokogawa Electric Corporation;CENTIUM CS 3000 R3 Vnet Router - Yokogawa Electric Corporation;DeltaVTM Controller - Emerson Process Management;ProSafe®-RS Vnet/IP Safety Control Unit - Yokogawa Electric Corporation; TriconTM Safety Controller - Invensys Process Systems - Triconex;TrustedTM Safety Controller - ICS Triplex."As business and technology continue to drive control systems towards more common IT protocols, operating systems and connected networks, the types of threats and likelihood of attack from hackers grows exponentially. It is vital for companies operating critical infrastructure to know exactly which products can withstand the security risks associated with this constant evolution," said Dale Peterson, of Digital Bond. "We commend Wurldtech for holding control systems vendors to a high standard and providing end-users with a more thorough understanding of their control systems security.""Wurldtech Labs' AchillesTM Certification testing is the most comprehensive, real-world security testing of its kind," notes Ernest Rakaczky, Director of Control System Security at Invensys Systems Canada Inc. "There is no doubt that Wurldtech has succeeded in providing an exceptional source of meaningful and independent security assurance for the industrial control system community. Achieving the AchillesTM certification is a compelling testament to our commitment to ensuring quality and security in our industrial automation products"In conjunction with the completion of the initial round of the Industrial Controller certifications, Wurldtech Labs publicly released version Level 1 of the AchillesTM Certification Testing Criteria. Industrial Controllers products must meet every requirement in the criteria document in order to attain the AchillesTM Certification Mark. The Level 1 criteria document and the certification results for the six certified products are available for review from Good first step, folks. Now let's get serious with SP99 and get some criteria for testing that everybody can do. Achilles is a good product, but it isn't the be-all and end-all of cyber security testing devices.What is needed is not just more tools, but a methodology, similar to ISA-84, where it is possible to calculate what the probability of failure due to cyber attack is.

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