HART Draft Specification Released

April 17, 2007

WirelessHART Specification Released for Approval

WirelessHART Specification Released for Approval

New technology establishes wireless communication standard for process industry applications

(Austin TX USA - 17 April 2007) - The HART Communication Foundation (HCF) announces the completion of draft specifications for WirelessHARTâ„¢ Communication and their release to HCF member companies for review and approval. WirelessHART is the first open and interoperable wireless communication standard designed to address the critical needs of the process industry for reliable, robust and secure wireless communication in real world industrial plant applications."The combination of HART plus wireless is a major step for the industry.WirelessHART provides new capabilities for users to get information on process parameters and to monitor the performance of plant assets in areas that have previously been technically or cost-effectively difficult to achieve," says Ron Helson, HCF Executive Director."WirelessHART ushers in the next major technology life cycle and makes possible the next generation of HART-enabled productivity solutions."A backward compatible extension to the HART Protocol, WirelessHART provides the same user experience, ease-of-use, flexibility and friendliness that users expect from HART-enabled products. WirelessHART complements, but will not replace wired HART.The WirelessHART specifications support the entire range of HART-enabled measurement, control and automation systems products. Approved specifications will be available late summer with products expected early 2008.WirelessHART Communication:
  • facilitates easy installation and deployment of measurement and control devices in applications where traditional wired solutions were cost prohibitive;
  • eliminates the "wire" restriction for monitoring the performance of critical assets;
  • provides a new connection path to the advanced features and diagnostics in HART-enabled devices - new or existing;
  • incorporates powerful security features to ensure network integrity and meet the demands of process industry applications; 
  • preserves and protects the global installed investment of 20-million-plus HART-enabled devices. 

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