What's in Control for June 2006?

April 21, 2006

June Preview

In June's CONTROL Magazine:


June Preview

In June's CONTROL Magazine:


  Are the Wireless Standards Stalled?

SP100 has had real problems. They even at one point were not going to issue a true standard. Now, HART Wireless is in trouble too. What's it going to take to not repeat the SP50 debacle? CONTROL's Walt Boyes comments.

   Cover Story

  14th Annual Salary and Benefits Survey

Salary? Benefits? Do automation professionals answer with a smiley or a frowney?

Check the data, as only Control can present it. CONTROL's Jim Montague reports.


  PAT: Process Analyzers

Analyzer Expert Gary Nichols give the straight scoop on PAT and how it works, and how to implement it.


  ABC's of XML

System Integrator John T. Sever gives us the first in a four-part series on XML, what it is, what it does, how to work with it, and why automation professionals should know it backward and forward. Stay current in the field.


  Intrinsic Safety

Ian Verhappen, CONTROL Contributor takes a look at why intrinsic safety is so popular outside of the USA and hasn't really taken off inside it.

Also in June's CONTROL:

   Other Voices

  Harrow on the Future

Futurist Jeff Harrow talks about the future of process automation.

   Technically Speaking

  Choosing a System Integrator

Should you choose an independent integrator? Or should you pick one that is the integration arm of a major EPC? Why?   CONTROL's Dan Hebert looks into it in this first of three columns.

On the Bus!

  Verhappen on Fieldbus!

We've moved Ian Verhappen's monthly web based column to the magazine. We'll feature the best of Ian's web columns from DigitalField insider. Fieldbus info from the source! Foundation Fieldbus User Group Chair and CONTROL Contributing Editor, Ian Verhappen provides analysis and commentary.

   Control Report

  Is There a Tricorder in Your Future?

It staggers the mind to realize that even a moderately powerful handheld PDA or cellphone has more processing power and 1,000 times the memory of the IBM7094 Stretch. Such powerful handhelds will change the future of process control and maintenance. Soon, says CONTROL's Rich Merritt you will all be carrying one.


  Bringing It All Back Around.

CONTROL's Keith Larson expounds on a burning issue in process automation.

   Ask the Experts!

  The Very Best Question

CONTROL's Béla Lipták  selects the best question and answer from the web exclusive feature to be printed in the magazine.  The person whose question is selected wins a prize. So save the consulting fee and go to and ask an expert.

   Primary Process Measurements

  Roundup: Pressure Instrumentation

There's been a couple of interesting new products in the past few months. Do you know what they are? Find out as CONTROL's Rich Merritt presents the new and the intriguing products from the world of pressure measurement that will help you solve a process problem or two.


Focus on Loop Controllers

Loop controllers are still alive and well, as we discovered in May.  

CONTROL gives you a page of useful resources to work with.

In June's Special Topic Newsletters:

   DigitalField Insider

  Be HARTsmart

Are you getting the best out of your smart instruments? Do you only use their smart features for setup and calibration, or do you actually use the data within? Do you know what all a smart instrument can do?  HART Communications Foundation's Ed Ladd comments

   DigitalField Insider

  On the Bus!

Fieldbus info from the source! Foundation Fieldbus User Group Chair Ian Verhappen provides analysis and commentary in his monthly column special to the DFI.

   SecureSystems Insider

  Security and the Process

In his "exclusive to the web" monthly column, Digital Bond's Dale Peterson comments on the future of control system security and what to expect as hackers and crackers get smarter and better.

Special to CONTROLGLOBAL.COM in June:

  Exceptional Original content published on the web!

Special to the Web!

    Broadcasting ControlGlobal

In June, CONTROL will present at least two original podcasts: interviews with process automation luminaries. A podcast is like recorded radio"¦you can download the MP3 file, and listen to it when you want when you're in the car driving to or from work.

Special to the Web!

    Webcasting ControlGlobal

In the monthly CONTROL webcast, CONTROL's editor Walt Boyes hosts a half-hour discussion of a significant issue in process automation.

   Ask the Experts

  Do you have a process control problem?

Tell CONTROL's Béla Lipták what it is, and he and his experts from the Instrument Engineer's Handbook, 4th Edition, will answer it for you, online. The best Q&A of the month will be printed in CONTROL.

·        Coming in July's CONTROL:

Fieldbus architectures, industrial PCs and workstations, batch management, a focus on flow, valves, actuators and positioners, and weighing and batching.

Editorial Opportunities: We Got Lots!

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