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Live from 2017 Honeywell Users Group Americas

June 19, 2017
The editors of Control, Control Design and Smart Industry are on site at the 2017 Honeywell Users Group Americas conference to bring you breaking news and insights.
Headlines from Monday, June 19

Connect the plant and embrace the future

Honeywell Process Solutions moves full speed ahead to the cloud, digital twins and secure connectivity. "Connecting people is the most critical leg to making the Connected Plant vision into reality," said HPS President Vimal Kapur. Read more.

'Final migration' virtualizes TDC legacy

Even decades-old applications and operator graphics can be virtualized, continuing Honeywell's longstanding commitment to its customers' intellectual property investments. "TDC 3000 has melted into Experion." Read more.

Big data only as useful as those who give it context

Operations and engineering experts need to make their voices heard in IIoT and analytics planning. "We’re seeing a resurgence of friction between IT and OT with the development of the cloud," said Honeywell’s Paul Bonner. Read more.

Don’t just report on process alarms, take action!

With the R200 release of DynAMo Metrics & Reporting, Honeywell has significantly improved the ability of alarm management champions to understand and address alarm management issues. "Plants aren’t static; many things change and alarm management strategies need to adapt." Read more.

LEAP princples boost efficiency of plant operations

Cloud-enabled execution, edge-device integration and universal, connected assets form the basis of Honeywell's Lean Execution for Automation Projects as reinterpreted for Operations."We're just taking LEAP's lean execution philosophy and applying to all aspects of a running control system." Read more.

Headlines from Tuesday, June 20


Honeywell bolsters leadership role in cybersecurity

NextNine acquisition, secure media tools, plus cloud-based resource for industrial threat intelligence form multi-faceted defense. "The air gap is no longer an effective defense, but the cloud can be," said Eric Knapp, global director, cybersecurity solutions. Read more.


The Connected Plant enables the digital twin

Honeywell Connected Plant is about connected processes, connected assets and connected people. "And we’re not just throwing data scientists at the problem. We’ll help you to solve a problem that you know you have, a real-world problem." Read more.

Securing safety systems from cyber attack

New ISA 84 technical report provides guidance on now to secure safety instrumented systems. "This is how we maintain the reliability of our safety systems. Now the onus is on us," said Dave Bennett, ICS safety and security lead for Phillips 66. Read more.


Paper machines make the leap to Experion

P&G Paper Products upgrades and refreshes controls and support technologies on a group of tissue and paper towel machines from TDC3000 to Experion over 10 years at its plant in Green Bay, Wis. "You can't stop in the middle with half of your systems in one control world and half in the other." Read more.


Online blend optimization boosts profits for Chevron

Combining Honeywell blending control with online Raman analysis increases safety, reduces reblends and prevents giveaway in gasoline blending operations. "Based on our experience, you have the potential to save 80 cents per barrel. For a 50 million BPY refinery, that’s $40 million per year." Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, June 21


Orion consoles improve safety by raising visibility

New status dashboards expand views of facilities and applications, remote monitoring functions aid workflow, and Command and Control software empowers efficient response. "Orion makes it easier to find and respond to process problems." Read more.


ExxonMobil continues to make it happen

Years of effort have streamlined project engineering and kept costs and schedules under control, but they’re not as good as they could be. "The issue was that the engineers had been trained to do the same process or procedure for decades." Read more.

Competency management solves skill shortages

It takes more than basic training to keep the skills of engineers, operators and techs up to today's challenges. "An airline pilot uses a simulator for many hours before he's allowed to fly a plane. We want to take the same approach." Read more.


Shell Chemical revamps batch controls and software

Migrating a six-train ethoxylate batch unit to Experion Batch Manager software and C300 controllers avoided obsolescence issues and pared per-batch production time. "The new system is running well and operator acceptance is high." Read more.


Scientific prowess leads to process expertise

UOP President Rebecca Liebert tells how the company is using technology and its 103 years of experience to ride the waves of today’s energy revolutions. "We can pull in the data from equipment that is critical to our process but is not competitive." Read more.

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