Wednesday good read: What it takes for IT and OT to get along

July 15, 2015
IT and OT are both necessary to make the IIoT fulfill its promise. How to learn to play nice with "those guys in the other department."

Now that the big boys in the U.S., Europe and Iran presumably have developed at least a framework for playing nice together, maybe it’s time for the folks on both sides of the IT/OT divide to face reality and lose the "Those guys don't/can't understand us" meme. The advent of cloud technology and the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) means that like it or not, whatever your differences may have been in the past, you’re going to have to work together going forward.

Easy to say. Not necessarily so easy to do. But there are ways. For a start, you might want to read "IT and OT Must Adapt for the IoT – 13 Experts Share How" by Heather MacKenzie of Belden.

Some good suggestions here, including such simple-to-use apps as "Have lunch together." Seriously. The post provides a good starting point. And if you read it and think, "But I already knew that," then the question is, why haven't you started doing some of these things?  This IT/OT convergence plane is already in the taxi lane. Better get on board.