ARC's new Vanguard Service speeds innovation with company-specific support

Aug. 3, 2020
Service enables industrial innovators to identify, overcome digital transformation barriers

ARC Advisory Group announced the launch of its Vanguard Service.  The service combines deep client engagement, client-specific guidance and peer networking to help executives across industry identify new approaches, better understand resource requirements, justify investments, and speed execution and scaling of industrial innovation. It is designed for use by industrial innovators, chief digital officers, vice presidents of innovation, center of excellence leads and other industrial change agents leading digital transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

“As someone who has spent the majority of my time to learning what it takes to innovate and transform an industrial company, I can tell you it is critical for innovators to expand their knowledge ecosystems to continuously rediscover their humility by being exposed to the right peers and how they think,” says Mike Carroll, vice president, Innovation at Georgia-Pacific. “Innovation is hard, and it’s even harder for companies hard-wired to sustain and protect what they have created, but you’ll never succeed if you try to copy others or simply apply the same thinking that led to past success. Having a knowledgeable resource to help guide you through the discomfort on your specific journey and find the learnings that release success will accelerate how fast you can develop and deliver game-changing, competitive value to the organization.”

The Vanguard Service leverages ARC’s reach across global industrial markets as the company regularly tracks digital transformation initiatives and success. Drawing on that global reach and knowledge, the service enables clients to:

  • Expand peer networks: ARC provides clients with connections to people and companies with proven digital transformation success.
  • Learn and adjust: Vanguard provides a mechanism for delivering company-specific research that align with initiatives, even as they change over time.
  • Galvanize the organization to execute: The Vanguard Service provides just-in-time educational sessions and workshops for leaders, business units and personnel that will be engaged in and affected by digital transformation initiatives.

“We work with many of the world’s largest industrial companies and have found a consistent level of frustration around digital transformation efforts. These efforts often lead to dead-end investment or endless pilots, with scale and return on investment remaining elusive,” says Mike Guilfoyle, vice president, Consulting at ARC and co-creator of the Vanguard Service. “What separates successful companies from the rest is their ability to identify new ideas, demonstrate their value and then quickly galvanize the organization to execute. Our Vanguard Service is designed specifically to inject speed, efficiency and trust into that process.”

The Vanguard Service is another example of ARC’s deep commitment to expanding opportunity for its end user clients. In addition to Vanguard and ARC’s long-standing Advisory Service, the company also launched the Digital Transformation Council in 2018. This member-driven community provides a forum for engineers, supervisors, and directors of automation, maintenance, supply chain, and other operational and production processes to share experiences and strategies.