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5 Tips & tools for safe productivity during COVID-19

July 8, 2020

Poll: WFH to increase despite risks

A full 86% of IT professionals report challenges in managing the digital identity of users, devices and processes at their companies as they transitioned to widespread work from home (WFH), according to a Wakefield Research study. Meanwhile, nearly half (49%) of the 500 IT professionals at 1,000+ companies in North America and Europe believe employee productivity has increased since. And, despite the risks, three in five (59%) expect the number of remote workers to increase or increase significantly (17%) after offices reopen.


The skinny on virtual FATs

In addition to adapting new safety measures, system integrator and engineering firm Maverick Technologies has learned lessons it believes will benefit its customers, even after the threat of COVID-19 passes. For example, remote factory-acceptance tests (FATs) using careful planning and the latest virtual technology have gone extremely well. And, while the company remains ready and able to facilitate more traditional FATs in person with its customers, it reports that its clients agree the remote method can be considered a potential best practice moving forward.


Wireless for safe workplace indicators

Banner Engineering’s Safe Work Solutions can be configured to send notifications and alert staff and supervisors to a wide range of user-defined events, such as occupancy totals, assistance requests and overdue tasks, such as area sanitation. Data can be collected and analyzed to identify trends, monitor performance and verify compliance. And, because they’re wireless, solutions can be deployed quickly without disruptive and time-consuming alterations to equipment or infrastructure. In addition, this design reduces costs by eliminating the time, hassle and expense of running communications wiring to connect devices. Devices can easily be added, moved or removed. Indicators are available in a wide range of color and display options, including advanced animations to effectively communicate more complex information.


Safety assurance for mobile workers

New software solutions are designed to help companies enforce COVID-19 site health and safety procedures for highly mobile workers in the warehousing, logistics, health care and retail fields. The features, offered through the Honeywell Operational Intelligence asset management platform for the workplace, monitor onsite social distancing compliance, help enforce customizable device cleaning procedures, and deploy software to digitally trace who has handled each device. These features give employees and managers real-time data to better respond critical factors for businesses re-opening under modified conditions. Honeywell is currently making this expanded functionality available to Operational Intelligence customers, and platform users can deploy rapidly.


E+H speeds Visual Support to market

After enthusiastic response to the company’s free pilot offer of audiovisual support during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Endress+Hauser released its Visual Support service application ahead of schedule. Visual Support consists of audiovisual support for diagnosis and troubleshooting, commissioning and regular maintenance of the company’s field devices. With the help of live video transmission and device screen-sharing, Endress+Hauser’s technical support team can work almost as if they were on site, helping customers in a reliable and flexible manner with their service tasks via remote access.