New survey finds the majority of industry users are looking out for new networking infrastructure technologies

May 22, 2020
Special report details results of industrial networking infrastructure survey and more

Feeling ill-prepared for the demands of Industry 4.0, plants and factories are on the look-out for infrastructure technologies that can give business performance a boost. Control and sister publication Smart Industry recently completed a survey to gauge readers' attitudes toward—and adoption of—industrial networking infrastructure technologies.

Below are five key findings from the survey. For more, read the special report, "The technologies reshaping industrial network infrastructure." 

  1. 52% of respondents say they're always on the lookout for networking infrastructure that can improve the performance of their business.
  2. Survey respondents universally agree that reliability and performance are far and away the most important considerations when selecting a network infrastructure solution for use in manufacturing/production areas.
  3. Mobile worker connectivity and the ability to easily add sensors for previously unmeasured parameters are the most often cited use cases driving the deployment of wireless infrastructure.
  4. Implementation of Wi-Fi 6 is being actively pursued by nearly twice as many respondents’ organizations as 5G
  5. 52% of respondents say their organizations are just somewhat confident that their organization's current wireless infrastructure is capable of handling the demands of Industry 4.0.

The new special report goes beyond the survey to offer information on how you can plan ahead for the accelerating convergence of IT and OT architectures. 

Read the full survey results and more in this special report.