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Live from the 2018 Foxboro User Group

July 17, 2018

Headlines from Tuesday, Aug. 7

Schneider enabling real-time profitability control

“It’s a new approach to asset performance, and represents a shift to real-time control across your entire value chain," Schneider’s Gary Freberger said in his opening remarks at the 2018 Foxboro Users Group this week in San Antonio. "We have an unprecedented portfolio. But even more importantly we can close the loop on all of this. At the end of the day, it’s all about how can we help you drive profitability and better return on investment.” Read more.

How industry will profit by digitalization

Schneider’s Peter Martin gave a presentation highlighting how bottom-line benefits of real-time profitability control. "We can show that engineers drive profitability by measuring it and making it visible.” Read more.

The future-proofed distributed control system

The EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS is able to improve continuity of service by anticipating failures with process and device diagnostics, which leads to reduced downtime. Read more.

New DCS release facilitates profitability improvement

The New 7.1 release of EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS Control Software is designed to help customers improve the real-time efficiency, cybersecurity, reliability and profitability. With expanded capabilities and an enhanced HMI, the new software version is on display at Schneider Electric’s annual EcoStruxure Foxboro user group conference. Read more.

Disruptors and drivers shaping value of digitalization

According to Schneider’s Andrew Kling, there are five important drivers of digitalization—connectivity, edge computing, the cloud, virtualization and analytics. Read more.

The entire world commits to the Industrial IoT

Dennis Brandl, chief consultant and founder of BR&L Consulting, who spoke this week about IIoT innovation and trends in industry at the 2018 Foxboro User Group conference this week in San Antonio. “We can do more today than we’ve ever been able to do.” Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, Aug. 8

World's largest petrochem complex relies on Schneider

Reliance Industries Ltd.'s Upendra Joshi and B.R. Mehta presented "Deployment of new technologies in J3 projects" at the Foxboro User Group conference, highlighting Jamnagar's implementation of Schneider instrumentation. Read more.

Cybersecurity is more than just a word; it’s a measurement

“It’s 360° product testing, including the product development process audit; functional security capabilities assessment; and device communication robustness and vulnerability test.” ASCI’s Andre Ristaino explained the benefits of ISASecure, the IEC 62443 conformance certification. Read more.

Turn to the IIoT for safety system fun and profit

Properly applied, digital technologies that underlie the broader Industrial IIoT movement can streamline SIS engineering tasks, improve system performance and plant profitability. Read more.

Field Device Expert cuts device commissioning time

Alain Ginguene, offer management director for the EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS, introduced EcoStruxure Field Device Expert, an application that improves how engineers commission, configure and maintain field devices, at Foxboro User Group 2018. Read more.

Schneider Electric helps to revive Mexican power-plant project

The resuscitation of a combined-cycle power plant project that "died three times" was detailed by Techint’s Pedro Gutiérrez. Read more.

Oil and gas digitizes, saves with EcoStruxure solutions

"The U.S. oil and gas market is growing rapidly after some recent downturns, with the Permian Basin alone expected to produce more than every OPEC member except for Saudi Arabia," said Schneider's David Gaertner. Read more.


Recovery boilers benefit from multivariable control

Model-predictive rate control makes it possible to configure multivariable control so that both steam-flow and firing-rate limits are respected according to International Paper’s Andrew Jones. Read more.

Headlines from Thursday, Aug. 9

Refinery marks 'quick, clean' cutover to Foxboro DCS

Monroe Energy’s Paul Maghan described the recent modernization of the refinery’s OM&S system from an older Honeywell system to Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS. Read more.

Maintenance tool eases stress during paper mill start-up

Klabin SA, the largest paper producer, exporter and recycler in Brazil leveraged Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor to systematically gain control of a troublesome mill. Read more.

EcoStruxure Profit Advisor shines light on bottom line

“You’re going to get 1-3% of production value improvements and 3-5% of energy and material cost reductions annually,” said Schneider Electric’s Tim Shope on the benefits of Profit Advisor. Read more.

EcoStruxure digital services enable agile decision-making

"As IT and OT converge, everyone wants to maintain safety, profitability and availability,” said Farshad Hendi, safety services practice leader at Schneider Electric. “EcoStruxure can address these concerns from both perspectives, and help departments that used to be in separate closets to collaborate more closely.” Read more.

Defining process automation's next generation systems

OPAF has a vision this will lead to an open and dynamic market with the benefits of competition and innovation for all end users, vendors, integrators and maintainers.” Read more.

EcoStruxure Control Advisor brings order to PID loops

“With hundreds or even thousands of control loops, it’s hard to monitor them and keep them in control.” Schneider Electric’s Domenico Napoli explained how the company’s Control Advisor can help keep loops functioning properly. Read more.