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Live from Siemens Automation Summit 2018

Nov. 6, 2018

Siemens scales digital summit

Users in the process and discrete industries are always pressing for more flexibility and innovation—and now the digital disruption race is on, too—but Siemens has the technical answers ready for users in all sectors to gain the edge they need, according to Raj Batra, president of the Digital Factory division at Siemens, in his keynote address at Siemens Automation Summit 2018. Read more.

Using the cloud to secure the cloud

To make cloud computing, virtualized tools, and other digital formats more secure, there are several basic methods for monitoring, including encrypted communications, managed VPN tunnels, hosted servers or server clusters, and secure cloud services managed via web-based platforms. Read more.

U.K. chemical plant slashes nuisance alarms

Identifying, rationalizing and disabling unhelpful alarms buried deep in many process applications can be tricky and potentially hazardous if not handled properly.Here's how Baker Hughes, a GE company, and its specialty chemicals plant did it. Read more.

Refinery upgrades, reduces stress

No matter how competent and independent any end user happens to be, process controls must maintain some level of support from their suppliers—and when that support is unavailable, usually due to obsolescence, it's time to upgrade. Read more.

RTLS shows where it's at

"Everyone is talking about using digital twin simulations and virtualization for flexible manufacturing, but how do digital twin applications know how to find what they're looking for in the factories of the future where everything is in motion?" Read more.