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Live from 2018 Honeywell Users Group Americas

June 18, 2018
The editors of Control, Control Design and Smart Industry are on site at the 2018 Honeywell Users Group Americas conference to bring you breaking news and insights.

Headlines from Monday, June 18

Realize the power of Honeywell Connected Plant

Jason Urso, vice president and chief technology officer of HPS, highlights how the company is supporting the three key areas of the next generation of process control. Read more.

John Rudolph tapped to lead Honeywell Process Solutions

Kicking off Honeywell Users Group Americas, John Rudolph was named president of Honeywell Process Solutions. Read more.

What’s in store for next Experion PKS release

Enhancements scheduled for the September release include seamless integration with ControlEdge PLCs and RTUs, new batch management functionality and native integration of multi-protocol wireless access points. Read more.

Visualization drives the refinery of tomorrow

Shell's Janae Adams discussed the implementation of 80-in. Collaboration Station displays to spur interaction among refinery employees. "We have a tremendous amount of data, but it's scattered everywhere. Read more.

From wireless-shy to a wireless high

Six months ago, Nova Chemicals rolled out its Mobile Operator infrastructure and registered more than 400 field-initiated sessions. "The proof of concept was beneficial," van der Merwe said in his presentation at the HUG 2018. Read more.

Headlines from Tuesday, June 19

Honeywell rises to ExxonMobil challenge

“It’s the best example of Honeywell’s commitment to continuous evolution that I’ve ever seen.” ExxonMobil’s David Patin discussed how Honeywell helped bring forward its legacy TDC investments. Read more.

Visualize batch like never before

Honeywell's Alicia Kempf discussed how the company used interviews with operators—and observations of their behavior—in researching user needs for a next-generation batch automation system. Read more.

Millennials put the ‘now’ in knowledge capture

Honeywell’s Youssef Mestari explained where millennials’ expertise lies. “It’s not so much about what you need to know. It’s more about where that information is. Read more.

New tech needs stakeholder buy-in

In order for new technology to be effectively implemented and integrated, stakeholders need to buy-in to it. "I have to be able to defend what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Once you get regulatory approval and finance approval, then you can budget and source," CenterPoint Energy's Winston Meyer explained in his HUG 2018 presentation. Read more.

Batch meets the real world

BASF’s Dave Vollmer discussed the company’s recent implementation of Honeywell Batch, which features a range of innovative visualization tools tailored specifically to batch operations. Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, June 20

Greater than the sum of its partners

Refining NZ’s strategy to build a high-performance culture includes pursuing the benefits of strategic alliances with key suppliers such as Honeywell. Read more.

BP to pilot wireless networking on Gulf oil rig

"Today, all our instruments are wired and our diagnostics are stranded." BP’s Jack Ellison summarized progress on a wireless networking pilot due to go live in July on the company’s Atlantis platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Read more.

Consider managed services to fill cybersecurity gaps

According to Honeywell’s Mark Littlejohn, the company’s new CyberVantage Managed Services offering can help customers keep their plants secure 24x7. Read more.

User panel grapples with digitalization

End-user panelists, along with Honeywell Process Solutions representatives discussed key drivers of digitalization, their experiences grappling with the challenges and how vendors can help. Read more.

Who wants $1 million in savings?

With all the change in the refinery and petrochemical industry, new technology can provide opportunity, said Honeywell UOP’s Katie Jones. “The industry is looking to apply IoT or Industry 4.0 in order to access data like we’ve never done before.” Read more.