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AG-181 System Engineering Guidelines: Industry’s Best-kept Secret

Sept. 13, 2017

It’s a good idea to rely on an authoritative information source when implementing advanced technology like FOUNDATION Fieldbus. That’s why members of the industrial automation industry turn to FieldComm Group’s AG-181 System Engineering Guidelines for best practices and recommendations for a complete FOUNDATION fieldbus installation, from engineering and design through commissioning, startup, operations, and maintenance. The guide includes recommendations on topics from selecting cable to wiring installation, grounding, implementing plant asset management systems, and best practices for project management. 

First published in 2003, and updated periodically thereafter, the AG-181 Guide includes sections covering the Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO) fieldbus design rules, cable length, surge protection, segment scheduling, and the use of existing instrument wiring.

According to Talon Petty, FieldComm Group Marketing and Business Development Manager, the FOUNDATION Fieldbus System Engineering Guidelines is “one of the automation industry’s best-kept secrets” that belongs in the library of almost every process control engineer. It is a highly valuable resource for the growing number of end users, system integrators and engineering firms involved in the implementation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

[sidebar id =1]“One of the things we try to do at FieldComm Group is put information into the hands of those who need it around the world. We want people to become proficient in the use of our technology, from engineering and design to installation, maintenance, and operations,” said Petty. “Our System Engineering Guidelines document contains the distilled wisdom of many of the world's leading fieldbus technology experts, from those in the engineering and construction world to end users, systems integrators, educators, and suppliers. It offers many good pointers on how to do your fieldbus project right the first time, and is an essential part of the toolbox of any FOUNDATION fieldbus professional. If you already have the older version, the latest update will look more streamlined and contains several new sections, as well as rewrites of old sections.” 

The AG-181 System Engineering Guidelines is separated into 11 sections, each covering different aspects of the fieldbus project lifecycle. Specific topics include: General Considerations, Fieldbus Definitions, Fieldbus Project Requirements, Host System Requirements, Software Configuration, Field Device Requirements, Segment Components, Network/Segment Design Guidelines, Site Installation Guidelines, Acceptance Testing, and Documentation Requirements.

Petty indicated that the System Engineering Guidelines document provides accurate and current fieldbus information in a vendor-neutral format, and is revised periodically to reflect changes to FOUNDATION technology. He said, "There is no better guide to implementing FOUNDATION fieldbus available today."

To obtain the FOUNDATION fieldbus System Engineering Guidelines (Document Reference No. AG-181), please visit FieldComm Group’s FOUNDATION Fieldbus Documents and Downloads page. The document can be downloaded in PDF format.