Yokogawa buys chemical injection firm TechInvent2 AS

Aug. 9, 2017
TechInvent2 AS holds the rights to FluidCom, a chemical injection metering valve which prevents blockages and corrosion in oil wells, pipelines, and other facilities.

Yokogawa Electric Corp. reported July 24  that it's acquired Norway-based TechInvent2 AS, which holds the rights to FluidCom, a chemical injection metering valve (CIMV). FluidCom prevents blockages and corrosion in oil wells, pipelines, and other facilities, and employs a patented technology for thermal control. It incorporates the functions of a mass flowmeter, control valve and valve controller, and is reported to have very few moving parts. Founder and CEO Alf Egil Stensen will continue in his role even as TechInvent2 becomes part of Yokogawa.

Chemical injection valves are traditionally manually operated in the upstream sector, though there are cases where chemical injection has been automated using an actuated solution. In the former case, valves must be frequently opened, closed and adjusted by plant personnel. This is costly because it requires added staff, and it must be done under very harsh field conditions.


FluidCom’s CIMV has a unique design based on a patented technology, providing integrated flow control and metering using a unique combination of material and thermal effects. FluidCom is a fully automated and reliable device with a simple design that performs autonomous valve control and continuous flow metering. The device is able to stably inject chemicals in the required small amounts. It has few moving parts and has proven to be an accurate, reliable solution for the control of chemical injection applications. No regular maintenance is required and remote control features are provided. The device also features a self-cleaning mechanism that reduces maintenance workload, and automatic injection of chemicals in the correct amounts eliminates the need for manual interventions.

FluidCom has already been delivered to several international oil and gas majors. With TechInvent2 joining the Yokogawa Group, Yokogawa will now target delivery of this solution to the oil and gas upstream and midstream sectors, thereby helping to improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance health, safety and the environment (HSE).

"FluidCom will improve flow assurance, which is a key concern of our customers in the oil and gas industry, and it will make a major contribution to their operations by helping them not only improve production efficiency and reduce operational costs, but also enhance HSE," says Shigeyoshi Uehara, head of Yokogawa’s IA products and service division. "The combination of FluidCom, KBC’s simulation technology, and Yokogawa field devices will allow us to expand the range of our upstream and midstream solutions and enable the delivery of value in new ways to our customers."