Live from ThinkBIG 2017

June 29, 2017

Headlines from Wednesday, June 14

Next-generation Internet

Connecting machines and unlocking industrial data is taking place with GE's Predix platform. Making sense of that data and turning it into valuable business intelligence requires more expertise and knowledge. “The Industrial Internet is no longer a probability, but an inevitability." Read more.

Reduced downtime and waste

While achieving a long-term vision of how the digital journey can empower a manufacturer to thrive well into the 21st century, it is important to start small and make incremental improvements. “Find a problem and solve it quickly. We developed a target use case for analytics and used the data collected from the analytics to predict how new designs will perform.” Read more.

EDGE connectivity to GE Predix platform

In one of the hands-on demonstrations, participants connected a Raspberry PI to move sensor information to GE Digital’s Predix, which provides cloud-based advanced data visualization and analytics. “The workshop was designed to demonstrate how easy or difficult it would be and to show the level of complexity to get information from an asset on the production floor to the cloud.” Read more.

Top 3 trends affecting IIoT initiatives

The Industrial Internet of Things runs on data and can substantially improve decision-making by capturing sensor data and turning it into valuable information that becomes business intelligence. Managed switches, cybersecurity and remote access will have a big impact on implementations involving the IIoT. “When implementing security, you need to consider lifecycle and how you’ll handle threats.” Read more.

Always-on IIoT technologies

Companies implementing IIoT are realizing its potential for driving new efficiencies and productivity gains. However, even momentary periods of unplanned downtime can disrupt business continuity in a major way. “Data is what makes IIoT a long-term business imperative. To get to the long-term, you have to start with fixing the site and then getting benefits across the supply chain.” Read more.

Where the IIoT comes to life

Bringing silos of data together and giving multiple views of data based on the user’s function within the organization can be a huge advantage. FacilityConneX can deploy streaming analytics for customers’ equipment. “We have more than 10,000 pieces of equipment under watch today, and we have an in-house data science team.” Read more.