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FINT Offers Affordable Way to Integrate HART Transmitters into FOUNDATION Network

April 5, 2017

[sidebar id =1]FINT’s White Series gateways are the perfect solution for control system integrators who need to incorporate legacy equipment into their systems. Manufacturers of measurement devices and analyzers wishing to extend the market for their existing products are now able to offer solutions in a straightforward way and with a bare minimum of investments.

These protocol converters offer interconnectivity between simpler bus types, such as Modbus RTU and HART, to more sophisticated buses like Profibus DP/PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

In its portfolio of DIN rail-mounted converters, FINT also provides solutions for manufacturers of Modbus RTU devices who want to communicate on HART and WirelessHART networks.

For more information, please visit the FINT website.