FieldComm Group Enhances Plant of the Year Award

April 5, 2017
The award winner will be able to attend the FieldComm Group’s annual General Assembly and End User Council meeting at no charge, among a series of other benefits.

FieldComm Groups has unveiled a number of enhancements to its globally recognized Plant of the Year Award. This honor is presented to plants that have demonstrated significant savings and benefits by making a digital transformation utilizing the information available in their smart measuring devices.

The latest enhancements increase the value to end user organizations receiving the Plant of the Year Award. For example, recipients will now have their FieldComm Group membership fee waived for three years. Other finalists will receive free membership for one year. The award winner will also be able to attend the FieldComm Group’s annual General Assembly and End User Council meeting at no charge (see related article in this issue). All award finalists will receive a FieldComm Group Innovative Achievement Award, along with a plaque and recognition in a feature article.

[sidebar id =1]FieldComm Group is currently seeking nominees for its 2017 Plant of the Year Award. Open to users of any of the organization’s technologies, including FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, HART-IP, WirelessHART and FDI, or a combination of technologies, the supplier-independent award recognizes people, companies and plant sites around the world using the full capabilities of digital automation in real-time applications to improve operations, lower costs and increase plant availability.

FieldComm Group President and CEO Ted Masters commented, “Selection of the Plant of the Year is based on a plant’s use of our field communication and integration technologies – not on the size or location of the installation. We are seeking a plant that has taken the capabilities of compliant devices beyond configuration and calibration. It can also be a plant that is using real-time device diagnostics and process information integrated with control, information, asset management, safety systems or any other system.”

Previous recipients of the Plant of the Year Award include Nucor Steel and Dow Chemical (USA), Monsanto (USA), Shell (Canada), MOL (Hungary), Mitsubishi Chemical (Japan), PDVSA (Venezuela), Statoil (Norway), Sasol (South Africa), Clariant (Germany), and DuPont (USA).

Nominations for the 2017 award will be accepted until May 31, 2017. Nomination forms and program details are available at go.fieldcommgroup.org/award. Nominations should include a brief overview description of how the plant uses FieldComm Group technologies to improve operations, lower costs, better manage plant assets, or support plant information needs.

Background information and supporting materials are welcome, but not required with the nomination. All nominations are acknowledged via email. Telephone interviews are conducted with nominees selected for consideration. The FieldComm Group Plant of the Year Award Selection Committee is solely responsible for determining award recipients.

For more information, please visit the Plant of the Year Award Page on the FieldComm Group website.