Moore Industries Has SSX and SST Safety Isolators for Digital HART Signals

Jan. 3, 2017

Moore Industries' SSX and SST Safety Isolators and Splitters provide reliable isolation and signal conversion for HART data in functionally safe process control settings. Part of Moore Industries' FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES, the two-wire (loop powered) SSX and four-wire (line/mains powered) SST have been certified by exida for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL 2. They were designed and built from the ground up to the strict IEC 61508:2010 standards for safety-related applications.

[sidebar id =1]The SSX and SST protect safety systems by isolating an SIS from basic process control or monitoring systems so that disconnections or other failures don't impact the safety system. It also has 1500 Vrms of isolating capability to protect safety I/O cards and systems from surges, spikes and transients in the field. Standard 20 V/m RFI and EMI protection stops damages caused by radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference.

While most isolators "strip off" HART data, the SSX and SST pass along HART data to asset management systems, programming devices or host systems. In addition, the SSX stops ground loop noise and solves "bucking" power supply problems caused when two devices try to source power to the same loop.

For more information, please visit the Moore Industries website.