Schneider Electric launches RefineryWise

Jan. 9, 2017
Software for the oil and gas industry aims to transform refinery operations to improve profitability, grow revenue up to 5% and cut costs up to 10%.

To transform refinery operations to improve profitability, grow revenue up to 5% and cut costs up to 10% , Schneider Electric launched RefineryWise software for the oil and gas industry on Dec. 7 at its Empowering the Mobile Workforce in Process Industries conference in Houston. The company reports it's empowering refiners to transform their business to achieve greater operational excellence through improved visibility into contextualized, actionable data from the process automation layer through the enterprise business system layer, and from crude feed planning to final product blending.

RefineryWise addresses internal and external pressures refineries face in maintaining a responsive, decisive and collaborative workforce amid industry challenges of dynamic demand, tightened regulations and technology evolution. It does so by leveraging applications from Schneider Electric Software and an Application Integration Framework, which can be used with other legacy, third-party content. It is pulled together with a user-configurable unified data model, and then adds KPI Management and Decision Management with Workflows to enable the digital workforce. With clearer and earlier visibility into the state of the business, the entire enterprise is better equipped to make intelligent, more informed decisions.


Components of RefineryWise include: Performance Manager for trending, reporting, KPI management, unified data modeling and decision management; and Application Integration Framework for orchestration, translation and enterprise connectivity. Implementing RefineryWise lets users:

  • Improve collaboration and operational visibility of their value chain;
  • Optimize that value chain with actionable business insights for applications in process optimization, unified planning and scheduling, asset performance management, offsite optimization and mobile workforce management;
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) through a user-configurable, unified data model;
  • Increase operational excellence through performance and asset benchmarking, including operating boundary thresholds, across the enterprise with a configurable user interface that can generate any KPI or arithmetic expressions;
  • Capture plant knowledge and link performance events and root causes, and list potential actions depending on financial and scheduling parameters in one system to avoid time-consuming data gathering and analysis.

“RefineryWise represents innovations in a solution designed specifically for oil refineries,” says Doug Warren, vice president, Software Industry Solutions, Schneider Electric. “It addresses key challenges refineries face, such as optimal operations performance and profitability within dynamic market conditions, by changing how information from across the refinery is gathered and used. RefineryWise focuses more on people by providing them with the right information and outcome options that lead to better, faster decisions.”