Emerson users interact and enlighten

Nov. 10, 2016
2016 Emerson Global Users Exchange 2016 accelerates learning, innovation in Austin

Several thousand users, integrators, technical experts, managers, leaders and friends gathered for Emerson Global Users Exchange 2016, Oct. 24-28, in Austin, Tex., and feasted on their usual cornucopia of technical innovations, end user experiences, conference sessions, workshops, training sessions, exhibits and personal networking—all of which risked making Thanksgiving seem anticlimactic.

“Time here is well spent getting fresh ideas, making good connections, finding the energy and urgency to solve tough problems, and work with rapid technology change,” said Steve Sonnenberg, chairman, Emerson Automation Solutions, which recently transformed its internal structure to focus on two business platforms, combining its former Emerson Process Management and Industrial Automation businesses into one organization. “We’re continuing the same sales, support, engineering and services as in the past, and now we can better address life sciences, food and beverage and packaging industries. We’re working harder to be a trusted partner.”

Following his recent appointment as chairman, Sonnenberg added that his former role is being filled by Michael Train, executive president, Emerson Automation Solutions, who has served as president of Emerson's global sales, analytics group and Asia-Pacific divisions.

Operational Certainty

 To help all its customers reach their potential and performance goals, Train stressed the continuing advantages of Emerson's Top Quartile and Project Certainty programs for improving their engineering, products and services. Plus, he announced that Emerson is introducing its Operational Certainty consulting practice with expanded project execution methods, workshops and services.

[sidebar id =1]“By helping customers leverage the best practices and strategies of Top Quartile performers, Emerson can help customers improve their earnings as much as 15%,” says Train. “Manufacturers are stuck in a ‘grind it out’ mindset, frozen in a paradox of needing dramatically better results yet being risk-averse to try new approaches. They lack the confidence of knowing which investment option will move the needle on financial performance. Operational Certainty provides a clear roadmap.”

Innovations aplenty

To provide users with even more and better tools and services for these difficult economic times, Emerson debuted a host of other solutions, services and initiatives at the event. They included:

  • Launching its newly expanded Plantweb digital ecosystem, a scalable portfolio of standards-based hardware, software, intelligent devices and services for securely implementing the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) with measurable business performance improvement;
  • Collaborating with Microsoft to help manufacturers realize the business impact and value of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) with help from Emerson’s recently announced Plantweb digital ecosystem and Connected Services, powered by Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.
  • Releasing AMS ARES platform to prioritize and deliver asset and device health data, enabling maintenance decisions that increase operational and asset availability; and
  • Detailing recent acquisitions, including Pentair Valves and Controls for pressure management, isolation valves and controls, Permasense for wireless corrosion monitoring, and FMC for blending and transfer technologies.


Supreme sessions

Following yet another tradition, five Best-in-Conference Award winners were chosen from among the 300 sessions delivered at Emerson Exchange. The five tracks and winners in each were:

  • Solve and support: "Fighting Irish tackle alarm management—implementing an alarm management program @ UND power plant" by Thomas Cole, UND Power Plant, Bill Farmer, Novaspect, and Todd Stauffer, exida
  • Measure and analyze: "A wireless odyssey—from resistance to enthusiasm" by Alan Weldon, Hunt Refining, and Donna McClung and Steve Moore, both of Emerson
  • Operate and manage: "Intelligent solvent tank farm management" by Matt Rauschke of 3M and Kyle Nystrom and Colin Singer, both of Novaspect
  • Final control and regulate: "Natural gas pipeline system integrity improvements—reducing operational and financial risks through pressure control station reinforcement" by Niko Boskovic and Andrew Loge, both of FortisBC, and Reese Dawes, Spartan Controls
  • Business management and career development: "Better listening, better life—learn to listen like a pro" by Nikki Bishop and Bruce Smith, both of Emerson

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