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Schneider Electric introduces Unit Performance Suite for the Oil & Gas industry

Sept. 14, 2016
Enhancement of real-time optimization system helps refineries achieve and sustain performance improvement
In tandem with the unveiling of its SimSci Online cloud software platform, Schneider Electric also introduces its Unit Performance Suite for the Oil & Gas industry, designed to package closed-loop, real-time optimization with monitoring and workflow in a single solution for refineries.

The solution aims to provide refineries a better understanding of current operating performance, which then helps to identify future improvement in terms of operational efficiency.

Built on closed-loop optimization driven by SimSci ROMeo, Unit Performance Suite features intuitive dashboards and workflows, which enables refineries to understand how their software is performing, what its current business contribution is, and how to improve that contribution in the future.


Doug Warren, VP, Software, Industry Solutions at Schneider, said: “With the global Oil & Gas industry facing operational and market challenges, our customers need a reliable solution to help them achieve and sustain desired improvements.”

“Unit Performance Suite helps reduce operating costs and improve profitability, allowing refineries to remain competitive,” he added.

More information is available here