Latest Registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Products

Jan. 3, 2017

The number of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products registered by the FieldComm Group continues to grow. FieldComm Group is one of the only automation industry organizations with a registration program requiring mandatory testing of critical elements of its technologies. The effort encompasses host systems and field devices and physical layer components such as power supplies and device couplers from all segments of the automation market.

The table lists the most recently registered products by manufacturer, type, and model/host name.

New Registered Devices

  Protocol Manufacturer Type Model / Device Name
  HART Cameron Flow Meter CamCor
  HART Chengdu Action Gas Detector AEC2232bX
  HART Chengdu Action Gas Detector GQ-AEC2232bX
  HART KOSO Valve Positioner KGP5000
  FOUNDATION Fieldbus KROHNE Messtechnik Differential Pressure Transmitter OPTIBAR 7060
  FOUNDATION Fieldbus Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH Multi-Input / Output Device D0-MIO-Ex12.FF
  FOUNDATION Fieldbus Phoenix Contact Zone 1 Isolated Block Couplers FB-8SP ISO / FB-12SP ISO
  HART Power-Genex Ltd. Valve Positioner SS235
  HART Samson Electropneumatic Positioner TROVIS SAFE 3793
  HART Schneider Electric/Foxboro Flow Meter CFT51
  HART Schneider Electric/Foxboro Pressure Transmitter I/A Pressure S
  HART Shanghai Yinuo Mass Flow Mass flowmeter

Updated Registered Devices

  Protocol Manufacturer Type Model / Device Name
  FOUNDATION Fieldbus Flowserve Corporation Electric Valve Actuator Limitorque MX QX

Updated Electronic Device Description (EDD)

  Protocol Manufacturer Type Model / Device Name
  HART BIFFI Actuator HRT_IMVS2000v2
  HART Yokogawa Electric Corporation Flow Meter ROTAMASS TI