Innovasic, Intrepid Control Systems join AVnu Alliance

June 23, 2016
Companies join a growing community of experts in industrial and automotive time-sensitive networking

Innovasic Inc. and Intrepid Control Systems have joined AVnuAlliance as an expansion of both the industrial and automotive market segments represented within the organization.

"We are happy and excited to have these two companies join a growing community of experts in industrial and automotive time sensitive networking. Intrepid Control Systems brings extensive experience with in-vehicle networks along with Innovasic, who also has expertise in industrial control systems. We look forward to the knowledge and support they can bring to the alliance," said Gary Stuebing, AVnu Alliance President.

Albuquerque, N.M.-based Innovasic is a supplier of silicon and software solutions in the industrial automation, transportation, instrumentation, automotive and medical industries. Innovasic also supplies extended-life processors, peripherals, ASICs and mixed-signal devices for embedded communication and control.

Intrepid Control Systems, based in Detroit, is a supplier of testing, logging and simulation tools for vehicle networks. The company specializes in high-tech software and electronics engineering, with a focus on automated PC-based measurement and control.

If you are interested in joining AVnu Alliance or finding out more, please contact [email protected]