Stahlin plastic enclosures pass UL 2043

May 5, 2016
J, CF and F Series non-metallic enclosures meet flame test requirements

In a rare, perhaps unprecedented testing event, Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures reports that three of its enclosures—J, CF and F Series—were provided to Underwriters Laboratories on March 17, so its testing facility in Northbrook, Ill., could then subject them to the flame test detailed in UL Standard 2043, 4th edition.

Each of the non-metallic enclosures met all three of UL 2043’s requirements, which include: 1) peak rate of heat release measured during each enclosure tested was 100 kilowatts or less; 2) peak smoke release rate measured during each test was 0.21 m²/s or less; and 3) the total smoke released (10 min test duration) was 75 m² or less.

To pass the UL 2043 fire test after plastic enclosures from other manufacturers had struggled to meet the same requirements, Stahlin reports that 14 years ago it began working with material suppliers to develop a unique, patented sheet molding compound (SMC) formulation, and installed an entirely new material processing system.